Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project 365 (152/365): Indecent

.:152/365: Indecent:.

Oh, you, Ellusionist and your false advertising! ::rolls eyes::

This is a pretty strong routine, but the demo video is misleading in that it’s a lot more powerful than the routine really is, if you’re not a layman. Nonetheless, Indecent is still a very good card-through-something routine, and works well whether as a table to table effect or a street effect. It’s very powerful, and gives you a ready-made souvenir for your spectator at the very end of the performance.

Admittedly, for this month, my focus has mostly been on pick-a-card routines, and I’ll admit that’s a bit of a cop-out, as there are a lot of other routines that don’t necessarily require that kind of script, but as a guy who doesn’t really focus too much on cards, the pick-a-card script tends to be the easiest one to get down, and the one that people really look out for, more often than not.

In any case, I’m a fan of this routine because it’s custom-made for the working magician who likes giving away souvenirs for spectators. Indecent is relatively inexpensive as a souvenir, so long as you don’t mind losing singleton cards for your performances, and ultimately, it’s nothing but sheer bliss to be able to give something like that away to someone and have them remember you for a long time because you know how to really make a lasting impression as a performer.

I just really wish E would stop fooling buyers into thinking things are better than they seem, though. This “demo” version of Indecent is something that is simply unachievable in the real world even after buying the video, which to me smacks of false advertising and deceptive marketing. It’s bad enough that the E has made it seem normal that you can make a killing off of marketing one trick no matter how crappy so long as you have production values to dress it up, but for them to pretty much lie and fool newbie magicians into thinking they’re getting something that’s better than it actually is has to be something I can’t abide by.

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