Monday, May 17, 2010

Leading Up To A New Week...

.:The Week In Brief:.

With a lot of chaos swirling over the horizon, this week was a fairly tumultuous one in my life.

First of all, I’ve seen Iron Man 2 thrice already, and with different people each time. I like the movie, but I was really hoping to watch Marian-Dingdong or Eugene Domingo the last couple of times I ended up watching Iron Man 2 instead.

Sometimes, I’m left wondering why a lot of ladies insist on dating the asshole and then ranting about it to their “nice guy” friends. Particularly when their “friend” has been making it clear that they want to be more than that, don’t you think it hurts him to see you like this and still running back to it again and again?

Actually, you’re both idiots. You’re an idiot because you keep running back to your asshole of a boyfriend. He’s an idiot because he keeps listening to you rant while his heart quietly breaks each and every time.

It’s been challenging to cope with being accused of using someone when you never even had the power to make the choice on her fate, to begin with.

It’s also been challenging to play doctor to friends, only for it to blow up in your face at some point or some other. I haven’t been kind to my heart lately, and I wish I was, because it’s been a roller-coaster for me, from hoping for someone to giving hope to someone to having to deal with the awkwardness of someone who used to love you.

Sometimes, each day feels like a coin flip between struggling one more day and just giving up and ending it all. So far, the flips have been lucky. But then, you never know how long it would take before the luck runs out.

My third set in Votre last Thursday after the customary playtest session in Pasig went pretty well, as I really just experimented with political jokes all night long. Hopefully, this yield some character development for me, although I’m definitely pleased as punch over the people I’ve met throughout the past three nights at Votre. It’s been all great, and I’ve made awesome new friends thanks to that.

Hosting the Conspi show last Saturday night was also pretty amazing. Everyone was just on fire, and I was really happy how things turned out that night. Considering that I’d also be performing in Taumbayan with Stanley Chi and sir Ony Carcamo again this Friday, it’s good to know things are looking up and up. Standup comedy and magic seems to have been my escape from the depressing things that have been happening over the week.

Will this week be a better one for everyone, after all the election hoopla? Will we be moving on past the stupid bitterness over your pet candidate losing and just focusing on how to be part of the solution than be part of the problem? The situation certainly bears watching.

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