Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project 365 (155/365): Grandfather's Aces

.:155/365 Grandfather’s Aces:.

This routine just screams “elegance” from top to bottom, don’t you think?

David Copperfield proves once again why many consider him the greatest magician of our generation, as he does what is supposed to be a simple card routine, yet he does it with so much flair and win.

The routine, on the surface, is rather simple: produce four aces magically, then lay out three indifferent cards with each ace. Then, make each other ace disappear, and have them reappear as the three cards set aside under the ace of spades.

Now, doing the motions for this effect would be elegant enough as is, but Mr. Copperfield decided to take it one step further by doing the motions in tune with the music that he selected. This synchronicity that he has managed to convey is nothing short of genius, as I am flat-out dumbstruck over how well he pulled off his routines, to say the least.

This is one of those routines that you simply want to do from start to finish in almost the exact same move for move that David Copperfield performed it, with the same musical score backing you up. It almost feels like you’re part of the orchestra that plays in the background as you are performing as you move harmoniously and in time with the music. I cannot convey my admiration for this routine enough.

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