Monday, May 03, 2010

Project 365 (125/365): The Card Stab

.:125/365: The Card Stab:.

Well, here’s a leftover from comedy month: a gem of a card routine from Penn and Teller. There’s practically nothing here they didn’t expose, in all honesty. From explaining a key move in card magic to actually visibly palming a card, the Card Stab routine here was just insanely done and meant to irk a lot of magicians.

But once again, Penn and Teller get away with it. Hard to imagine that they’ve built a career that has spanned about three decades already, and it’s been all about playing mean tricks on each other while interspersing genuinely good magic in between, but there you go.

The routine is very simple: pick a card, and Teller will find it by stabbing a knife across the card, while blindfolded. Except for the fact that Teller ends up stabbing Penn’s hand instead, and the card is actually right under Penn’s hand. Simple, fast, easy, but definitely gets reactions across the board because of the sheer shock value of seeing something that unexpected happen.

I like the Card Stab because it’s funny and it gets the point across of what Penn and Teller as a tandem are all about. It’s hilarious and well-done as a routine, and it’s hard to imagine anyone pulling it off the way these guys do.

Yes, I’m such a Penn and Teller fanboy. How’d you know?

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