Sunday, May 02, 2010

Project 365 (124/365): Michael Ammar

.:124/365: Michael Ammar:.

When you think of “card magic”, it’s hard to imagine any experienced magician not include this man’s name in their shortlist of people they have studied. Ask ten good cardicians you know if they know Michael Ammar, and I’d be surprised if any of them said they didn’t.

Many believe Ammar to be a “magician’s magician,” and the only other guy I’ve heard call that was Daryl. He has taught magic to arguably more professional magicians today than anyone else ever has (No, Brad Christian teaching you how to do 2CM mediocrely does not count.). His resume as a professional performer is thick, and his renown in the magic industry is top-notch, as he has managed to rise through the ranks as an amazing performer, having been trained by the best, including the late great Dai Vernon himself.

Why I chose Ammar as the first card magician to discuss should be rather obvious. He is the man responsible for one of the biblical resources for cardicians out there, “Easy To Master Card Miracles”. The man is all about simplicity and style, and doesn’t rely on knuckle-busting sleights performed at breakneck speeds. You want that? Look for Dan and Dave. You want elegance, class, and jaw-dropping magic at the same time? Michael Ammar is your man.

Just by watching his video here, you already get an idea why he’s a big deal. His version of the ambitious card routine is definitely basic, but his smooth execution, deliberate timing, and his economy of movements has been nothing but remarkable. Furthermore, his deck vanish at the end is one of the cleanest, most amazing things I have ever seen.

Although he is not exactly a pure cardician, Michael Ammar’s body of work and contribution to card magic is extensive and important. Before you fall all over your Daniel Garcia’s or your Wayne Houchin’s, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a classy classic. Michael Ammar is bound to astound you and impress you, and is an exercise in contrast to all the flash and pizzazz of the new generation of magicians out there.

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