Thursday, June 19, 2003

I decided to put the Top Five on hold indefinitely because I really want to see what I can do about this rather drab layout I'm still saddled with up to now. I've been rather distressed lately with all the work I had to do, but I must say that I'm a lot happier at this point because it seems to me that while I am indeed stuck with Dr. Barbazza and his Filipino class, there's no reason for me to really resent that. Getting Mr. Hermida would've been such a boon to me, but alack and alas, that no longer seems to be a possibility. Shucks. I guess I have to bleed for this subject again...

Worse, I had to pay for the Philosophy book TWICE. I was unfortunate enough to actually lose my book... ergghh. My only compensation is that I'm getting a refund of my CS Lab fee, since I took a film class in its stead. Also, I got a free cut for our thesis subject...

I have to get the cassette back soon, Mel. Would next week be fine? :)

Maia, is it all right to drop by UP to see you tomorrow, or are you already back home?

I was talking a bit with Rob, since he has a RAW Deal tournament this Saturday. I'm running it, of course. Anyways, Kendra came along, and let's just say that since we never really talked and resolved everything, when she started going on her holier-than-thou tirade about where I got my cellular phone, I was visibly miffed, and I used some sarcasm to lash back at her in a humorous manner. Well, whatever, then. Though we're not on bad terms, you can tell we're rather... icy.

I have a rather public vituperation, though... I ABSOBLOODYLUTELY DESPISE GRACE'S SISTER! She had the audacity to not answer me on call wait, then when she finally decides to, I was on the cellular phone. Bah Gawd, she then lashes out at me that if I have something important to tell Grace, I should just text her. Right. If I were still on the cellphone during that second call, you mean to tell me I was going to waste my eight bucks/allocated line minutes to listen to you whine about YOUR problems with YOUR sister, which YOU, YOU ruddy excuse for a sister, actually caused? Codswallop, you little roody-pooh! Go to Hades, jabroni. You almost turned me and Grace against each other, when all this time, it really was YOU to blame. I hope you go back to States soon, you get married there, AND YOU FREAKING STAY THERE, YOU BASTICH. Paying the bill for the ruddy phone does not give you the license to wail at anyone else who wants to use it or call it. Hog it if you want, but freaking shaddup already.

Thank your lucky stars Grace is your sister, jabroni. Otherwise, the Phenom's Fury® will be knocking upon your door.

Sorry to everyone else. I'll add something more positive when I think about it, jabronis... oh, it's true! It's true!

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