Friday, June 06, 2003

Top five is due next week...

Yesterday was extremely interesting... you might say that my fifteen seconds of fame are looming over me, except that I don't see any reason to be overtly beaming over it... heh.

Expect to see my mug on channel 7 one of these next few Wednesdays on Nuts Entertainment, as I seem to have been victimized by a gag that I still don't get... I was asked to identify some historical figures like Ramon Magsaysay, and then Mickey Mouse, and then Spider-Man. I still don't know what they intend to do with that footage, but well, serves me right for walking along FEU with Grace and not paying attention to the cameras in front of us. I must've been too engrossed with Grace... anyways, it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences, as I was taken aback with Diego looking over my shoulder, interestingly enough. You know who Diego is, right? Ang pambansang bading?

I finally got to enroll, and since I didn't get Sacha, I'll be load revving out of my CS 21 class. All my other classes were decent. I got a good Theology professor by pure blind luck, and I have a good Philosophy professor, although he'll be teaching in Filipino, which happens to be my problem. I'm not bad at Filipino, but I think I'm better at English, nonetheless. Mr. Bulaong was recommending him, and he told me I'd do well with the guy, but I still don't know. I might load rev out of this subject too, if it becomes problematic for me... I think I got a new prof for History, though. I haven't heard any comments about her, and I just hope I can manage, since I need a good set of grades this semester. Basically, I have classes until 4:30 every T-TH (Though T or Th may end up being up to 7:30 once I get out of CS 21.), and I'm done with classes by 2:30 every M-W-F. Lots of time for me after that, but I still don't see myself meeting some people I've always wanted to meet.

My schedule seems to fit Radio 1 in quite nicely. Let's hope I do get the chance to join. I need to work on my voice, though. I don't feel as though I'm radio-friendly enough, until I lose the nasal tone that doesn't register too well on microphones.

There's a fashion show tonight at the Megastrip, and I'll be heading there in a while. If you're in the area, do give it a whirl. :)

And, Sacha... thanx. You know what for, I presume. :)

Sorry if this is rather short. I'll see you jabronis next time.

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