Friday, June 27, 2003

I had to separate these three posts simply because blogger refused to post that singular uber-long post I made for all three...

FRIDAY. 27 JUNE, 2003:

The Morning Rush was fun, but I sadly missed the succeeding hours because I had to go to school early. The Hot 10 was about the things you wouldn't want to hear in a cinema, and a lot of answers (That I will prolly recycle when I do my Top Five on it.) stood out:

- "*hick* Thish ish iyour captain ishpeaking... *hick*"
- "Will anyone with training in aviation or prior experience in flying a plane please step into the cockpit?"
- "Mama! Para!"
- "This is your captain speaking. Please repeat after me. 'Our Father, who art in heaven...'"
- Someone sings beside you: "It's jast a leetle crash... Not like I'll faint..."

I got only the first batch. Too bad. I ought to ask about the succeeding ones in the mailing list. Incidentally, some people have been ranting there about all the bad things people have been saying against Chico and Delle. Until I hear anything worse than what I've heard from Logan, I see no reason to be so angry. Of course, giving out their phone numbers is a different issue...

This is the reason I went to school early. I sat in on Sacha's CS 21A class, and I can't believe I passed up the chance to have her for a teacher. She's an amazing teacher (And not just because of certain obvious reasons... heh.), and she knows how to give good examples that clarify the lesson quite well. On top of that, while I wouldn't claim to be a computer expert (Hades knows I'm not.), I must say that I certainly liked the class itself. So most likely, even if I don't end up getting Sacha for CS 21A next semester, I wouldn't mind going for the class itself at all. My other class will prolly be Logic with Mr. Hermida, and I hope Diane is my classmate there, since she will need this class for her plans to take law studies in the future.

Anyways, back to Sacha. She can actually project her voice well enough (In spite of it being a bit small and high-pitched.) for the whole class, and she keeps things from being boring (Not because she took off her Matrix-type leather jacket, mind you. That had nothing to do with it! Er, I was tempted to call her Trinity... ::hides::) with all her insightful (Well, that's because I read a lot into it.) ideas, such as likening classes in Java programming to the world of Eidos. Yes, there are many chairs, but the ultimate idea of chairs is found in the Java class It was like watching a scene of the Matrix, I tell you, and her timing was perfect. We were just talking about the world of Eidos in Dr. Barbazza's class, so that'd help me think about it better. I intend to sit in every now and then on her class when I can, and as long as she doesn't mind.

I like my Theology class. While the class is Filipino, Ms. Magtibay isn't as ruthless as Dr. Barbazza when it comes to grammar, so no problem there. I have to worry about my immersion a bit, because as of now, only Elbert and I are on the same group, the mystery group, and the five absentees still bereft of a group have yet to show up. At the same time, we've been turning the discussion into comedy hour, what with our discussions about Dating Daan and bus "prophets" who wake you up in the morning to "evangelize" you.

My thesis is going to most likely be about Pro Bono advertising. Of course, I would've wanted something to do with RX or the WWE, but I guess I had to give way to Mr. Sev Sarmenta's suggestions, since there already is a general direction being followed there. Imo was nice enough to listen to some of my input as well, and it looks like we're making progress. And no, Mr. Sarmenta: just because Imo is my partner in the thesis and Chinese, does not mean that she and I are an item. ::rolls eyes::

History? Ah, it was boring. What else can I say about it? I'm just glad I had a lot of stuff to otherwise say...

I still have my work cut out for me, I tell you. Lots of things to do, and collecting pictures for my new blog layout. I still need Ertai, Kurt Angle, Voldemort, and Darth Vader.

And Abby said something about not doing the sequel to her film if it didn't involve her story with me... okay... okay... I didn't think THAT story was a very entertaining bit, though. ::chuckles::

See you jabronis next time.

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