Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Just another short update, but wait until tomorrow for an eyeful... better yet, wait for next week. When classes begin, I'm sure to have better updates.

- Okay, I got to RX today, and I saw Carla... more on that next time.

- I lent my biological dad a thousand bucks. For what? I've no idea yet.

- I'm losing my voice.

- Abby had to take a pregnancy test. That's funny because both of us are sure that a pregnancy test is one of the last things she would ever have to take before being married... Heh.

- I finished Blood Omen already. Not bad at all.

- My MVP Valentine started today. Somebody tell me if it's any good, please.

- I saw So Close already. Liked it, but don't expect an uber high grade for it...

- How do you do the ampersands for umlauts? Y'know, that u or a or e with two dots on top?

- I have a lot more to say, but they'll have to wait. That includes the top five.


- Mel, thanx for the short SMS conversation. You know why I can't carry on with that, I suppose, as my last bill was amore than a hundred bucks over the regular rate. Just let me know about it, if ever.

- I'm glad *jaded* seems to have worked out her problems with her boyfriend. Err, ex boyfriend. It's about time they worked things out.

- I might hold onto Barbazza, if only for me to experience taking up Philosophy in Filipino. It's usually something Ateneans are proud of, and what a shame if I never get to give it a try.

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