Friday, June 27, 2003

"I may have given you too much credit, and taken you to be more than you really are, but you are still a great person. I may not be an Atlas for you, but then, do you really need it?"


Wednesday was a fairly hectic day. What can I say? It's not easy zooming to DLSU all the way from Ateneo in an hour's time, even with all the LRT's and MRT's I had at my disposal yesterday... you might say it's been rather difficult for me to get there, but it was well worth it.

I had a rather rhadamanthine decision I needed to make to get there, because I wanted to cut my uber-boring History class, seeing how she does everything straight from the book and sounds completely like a drone when she talks about something supposedly interesting like an urban legend about Apolinario Mabini... apparently, I didn't miss much. That's what I get for picking a female teacher who looks like Garfield/Jose De Venecia...

When I got there, I ran into Maia, I-sis, Harle, and Ekai. I didn't really get into my element at the time, prolly because each of them had quite a lot to talk about... you might say that I was the odd man out, particularly more so with the fact that I was the only male there before Mac came along. Melina showed up a little later there, and of course, I must've missed a few people who were there but left before I got there...

It was fun squeezing in a bit of Harry Potter there, at the expense of forgetting to exchange ideas with Harle regarding my novel, which is suddenly brimming with a lot of possibilities now... everything from Chiara and Roscoe, to the alternate planes, to the planeswalkers and gatekeepers... maybe even a few more ideas I had, especially on how to get them together, and eliminating a character from the get-go.

I must've seemed like a bad conversationalist to I-Sis. I guess that can't be helped. I'm very jittery during first encounters with people, and I'm very cautious nowadays, lest I get too brash or the like. Usually takes me three or so encounters to loosen up, which is strange, considering this is officially only my second meeting with Maia, in spite of knowing her since late last year. Nonetheless, we were having a good time there.

Harle, in spite of the fact that I didn't get to tell her about my ideas, was nice enough to let me know how the flow of her story is going. It's got a good premise, but I did forget to tell her that Voldemort's goal, more than total domination (How positively kinky.) is actually immortality. Surely, a Worldkeeper can help along with that. It looks like Draco will have quite a twist to his own persona (I'm not divulging lest I end up giving out unwanted spoilers.), and so will Lucius, making him even more devious than we gave him credit for. I'll be at better liberty to talk about this influx of ideas once she gives me the go signal, but for now, I'll leave it at that. Nonetheless, I appreciate being told that I "think like Voldemort". With over 3,000 posts to date under that name, that is such a boon to hear.

When the crowd slowly thinned, you might say that the conversation went more and more personal. I-Sis, for one, was quizzing me on my first impression of her, and I did get the "strong" part, but apparently, I was dead wrong on the "silent" bit. Sure, she may seem to look the part of the damsel in distress, but with prior experience to the paragon of the look (Who I assume you already know by now... ::winks::), I know better than to assume something like that.

Finally, it was left to the last three people: Me, Mac, and Maia. (3M Pizza?) We ended up talking about lack of self-esteem, and yes, Maia, I still stand by the fact that you have more than your fair share of people who are insecure of you. Even Mac was telling her that he would've gone for her had he been single at the time (I'll take his word for it.). At the same time, for Maia to say she's not sexy is rather... funny. Maia, the great kidder, always willing to play up on the self-deprecating humor, even if she has nothing to put herself down with...

Of course, I will withhold what I said about Mac, lest yaoi insinuations begin to materialize all over again... heh. I was just joking around here and there, especially with the "leather and whips" bit, which seems to always get a great pop from anyone, regardless of whom I say it to. I've been racking up some great lines lately, and I await the opportunity to go, "Anak ka ng put... your head on my shoulder..." ::laughs maniacally, just like Yamazaki::

When we finally decided to get home after talking about how zany our teachers were and how much we loved/hated our High School, things got even more interesting. I'm glad I took the time out to take Maia back to the dorm, because U.P. at night is way too dangerous for someone alone.

Anyways, we had a lot of exchanges, and I'm glad that in spite of her matters of the heart, she still knows where she stands. It's hard not to have a great sense of respect for someone like that. I've been rather honest with her of how I stand with her, how I regard her now, and all that.

Well, we got to her dorm at around 10:30 in the evening or so, and she was locked out already, as her curfew is 10:00. I managed to survive the rain with my busted umbrella/bucket that flipped itself already, and thank goodness I didn't get lost in U.P. Anyways, there. It was a great Wednesday, and I was so glad that I managed to be given the chance to see all these people, whether for the first or second time (By my count, I have never seen any of them more than twice.). We had a lot of interesting conversations, and I guess I'm happy about that.

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