Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Up for addendum... or I'll put it in another post. Depends, really.

Anyways, movies I have yet to review: X-Men 2, So Close, and the Animatrix. I think that covers it. I'll see if I can type a review later... if not, next week.

I had an interesting day yesterday. Got the belts I requested for (Well, most of them.), and I even had a lot of fun lately with talking to my friends. I have to say... I owe one of them a lot for the very inspiring conversation... talk about it later, I guess. :)

To the people I met last Wednesday: Hi, Mac, Harle, and Mel! Good day to all of you... :)


- Looks like I'm stuck with Dr. Barbazza. But otherwise, my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays end at 12:30, so that's so much better for me! :) I have a lot of free time afterwards!

- Thanx to Elbert for the compliments about my movie reviews. Next time a movie comes out and I get to watch it, I'll make sure to send a review to the papers... maybe I'd get published! :) Now, the trick for me is to forget you said that, so since the idea doesn't go to my head, I don't become conscious that I can actually write, and I just let it flow freely... :)

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