Saturday, May 01, 2004

.:You Call Him JUST Promising?:.

Dr. Barbazza delivered a lecture yesterday for our Philosophy class about Heidegger and a possibility of new dwelling. We mostly drowned ourselves in the terminology, but had fun for the most part, anyway. Dr. Barbazza, our batch's most promising teacher, was amazing at what he did. Of course, I suppose the fact that his lecture was about his ow dissertation really did help along in that department. Still, what do the people who voted for him think he's capable of if they think that at his state of being Ph.D, being extremely respected in the academic world? Being promising would entail having some latent potential to exceed what he currently is. That's pretty mind-boggling, as although I don't believe Dr. Momok should rest on his laurels, I think that stepping up further from himself is nothing short of near-godly. You can tell he's one of my favorite Philosophy professors...

In any case, it was all good. We were a bit taken aback by the sheer abundance of German words, but we managed to overcome that hurdle and achieve quite a fruitful discussion on Heidegger. I ought to buy his book (Being and Time.) when I get the money...

.:Robinson's Galleria Drop-Off, Part One:.

After class and going online a bit to try and e-mail someone in Singapore whom I sent cards to, I then headed off to Hobby Haven, where, by a stroke of luck, SJ and Zig were about to leave to go to Galleria, which is a stone's throw from my job interview, as the guy who scheduled me moved it to UCC in the Podium. I ran into (Ate) Jesse, the girl who might teach in ICA. Maybe I can pull a School Of Rock on her if she doesn't take the job... nah, forget it.

Nonetheless, Zig was quite the firebrand on the road, cursing heavily and all that. We had a wide variety of topics, including Equilibruim, Christian Bale as the Batman, and a bit of varied CCG's. I stayed in Neutral Grounds for a while after we got there, and Arvin and I were talking about Warhammer and more RAW Deal. In any case, it wasn't long before I headed off for my interview in the Podium, where truth be told, I had no idea what to expect.

.:The Job Interview:.

I waited for a bit more than half an hour before the person who was supposed to interview me showed up. His nickname was Bullet, which he used throughout the interview. With no calling card, I had no idea what his full name was, nor exactly what the company he was interviewing me for was about. Let's just say I didn't apply for this job. He came with a friend (Whose name escapes me, but she knows so many people I likewise know.), a colleague, more aptly, and then we talked shop as soon as I handed him my resume.

It was interesting. They were asking me about my five weaknesses that I perceive and how I usually deal with them. I think my best answer was the first weakness, which was my blind sense of loyalty. It may seem like a coached or rehearsed answer, but honestly, it's true. We all know how loyal I have been to Monster Radio RX 93.1 for the longest time, since Chico and Delle came back, especially. With that in mind, I was offered a possibility to become a DJ in LS, which I turned down out of loyalty to RX and Radio 1 in particular. That, needless to say, is shooting myself in the foot, as I didn't land a DJ job in RX, anyway, and the guy who wanted me in LS is no longer there himself...

I recall two of the three other weaknesses I gave (He neglected to ask the fifth.) I told him about: my time management skills, and my being overtly passionate in doing something I like, which may come to the detriment of my priorities if I do not channel my passion to the more important priorities I might actually have.

Apparently, Bullet used to teach in the Ateneo for Philosophy, I believe. He was a Magna Cum Laude graduate, and he picks mostly Ateneans to work for the company he represents, Vince Wanger (I hope I got that right.), which seems to be a consultancy firm of some sort, a middleman for multinationals who want to strike up a deal with a company based in the Philippines, be it real estate or advertising or public relations. As you can tell, I do fit into that criterion of the people they would need.

All that was good, as well as the fact that his friend and I both new people from RX, like sir Raffy Barreiro, sir Jude Rocha, and Chico, who were apparently all from U.P. She also talked a bit about Brad Turvey, so for the most part, I was at ease during the interview. However, I had to thresh out my one point of contention to them, no matter how good the work may have been. I'm sure you know what I mean: will this mean I have to compromise my M.A. and my apprenticeship under Fr. Que come first semester?

That's when Bullet started telling me that they're not as rigid as that, and would require me to simply make up for it within the week, whatever hours I did not complete. Assuming this, I believe I'm capable of working until eight or nine or even longer than that, although I really hope I can consult with Dr. Ibana about this. It's funny though, because Dr. Ibana is apparently still single and has been courting Bullet's sister for the past two years. Hmm... now that's funny news to me.

Assuming the compensation is decent (At the very least, more than a full-time assistant professor of my yet-to-improve caliber.), I find no reason to turn down this job. I know I'd really sacrifice listening to the Morning Rush, but if I really had to, then I would simply get a good radio and cassette and record the stuff I miss on a regular basis. Besides, who said anything about not using a Walkman in the classroom? Did that for the longest time in Mr. Dy-Liaco's Theology class.

With that being said, I have one more interview to go through come Monday and then we'll see if I do get the job. I want this job. Having realized and resigned myself to the fact that I cannot be an RX jock, I guess this is a really nice alternative.

.:Back At School:.

My interview ended around four in the afternoon, which made me fairly late for Dr. Manny Dy's Chinese Philosophy class. Nonetheless, the discussion was pretty good, and we had an interesting talk about the text of the “Great Learning”, as well as the commentaries written about it. I didn't miss much of a beat when reciting, although I was somehow reminded that I was sitting beside the priest who was egging me on to consider entering the priesthood. I then realized that just the morning prior to this class, I was also being told more of the same by a few other seminarians in my other class... This is a bit weird...

Nonetheless, I finished up there and walked with Len Go and some of our other classmates, whose names I really haven't memorized yet. I usually converse with a lot of my classmates in Chinese Philosophy, whether graduate or undergraduate, and they all have nice insights I pick up from time to time. After talking about some stuff with them, I headed back to Hobby Haven after checking my e-mail and being informed that we actually have an eyeball for the Rushers. I wanted to go there, and lo and behold, I managed to hitch a ride with Zig again, this time, instead of his girlfriend and SJ (Co-store owner of Hobby Haven, lest I forget.), I was with Zig, his girlfriend, Jason, and Jesse, who still insists I hitched a ride with her the first time I met her. Nope, I walked with Kit Cheng then.

Zig experienced a bit of deja vu when I began talking about Equilibrium and Christian Bale and Batman again. It was funny, and then I told them about the bit I had when I went on air at RX, as it was simply hilarious how I botched all those song titles. And then we tried to guess the High School of Tina Cuartero. Jason said she may have been St. Paul, I said St. Scho. Jesse tells us that it was Poveda, as they were classmates.

Marcelle: Close enough.

Jason: Whaddya mean “close enough”? St. Paul is closer!

Okay. So you can tell I didn't go too far beyond Don Bosco Technical College in High School...

.:Robinson's Galleria Drop-Off, Part 2:.

I got off at Robinson's Galleria (Again.) and then looked for Lee and the other Rushers. It didn't take long before I saw her and Deph, as well as Jen, who were all at Piadina. We had a very small gathering (Deph treated.). It was just the four of us, all Mailing List Rushers, talking about how things are, about career paths, teaching, Diablo II, and naturally, Chico and Delamar. It was pretty fun, and Deph was so kind enough to remind me (As if Jason's reminders weren't enough...) of how I botched the tailend of my Radio 1 stint last week. Nonetheless, it was all cool. I enjoyed this EB, and I hope more people would show up next time.

We really didn't talk about much that I haven't covered in my weblog already. Ah, well.

.:Last Random Thoughts:.

Is it just me or does Rachel Reyes already have a boyfriend? Ah, well. Don't say I didn't warn you...

I went on air for only the Hot 10 portion of Chico and Delle this morning. I discovered that Delle wouldn't dare ride the Anchors Aweigh in EK even if her life were to depend on it. Ah, shucks. That's just too bad...

Grace went overnight with her college classmates a couple of days back. I'm glad they had fun, even if they were all a bit tipsy. Well, thank goodness they're all straight women...

... or are they (No Grace! Don't strangl... ack... ack...)?

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