Friday, May 14, 2004

.:Eddie Gil’s Just Fine…:.

… When he’s just on comedy shows for guest appearances, that is.

The thing is, Eddie Gil has what appears to be a natural talent for comedy, whether or not he does it intentionally. He guested on the “Yes Yes Show”, which was a pretty funny run for him. He was asked questions about dragonflies and helicopters, Vi and Bot, Guy and Pip, and so forth. He seemed like a good sport, though I have no idea if he knew he was being made fun of, which I believe is his act that will launch him to comedy stardom… ah, well.

In other news, there’s this really weird video on MTV right now… something where a guy plays on a piano and all sorts of things and people come out of the piano… weird…

.:Chinese Philosophy Finally Justifies The “Chinese” Part:.

So I usually walk out of the class with some of my classmates from Chinese Philosophy, one of them being Len Go, who reminds me of someone I know. In any case, I was walking to Hobby Haven with her, Jim, and another female classmate of mine, and we discovered that Mr. Annoying Student was actually a teacher in U.P…. ah, well.

Anyways, I was telling them about Brad Turvey, and then they were curious about him…

Len: So is he really good-looking?

Marcelle: Actually, Greg’s sexie… Uhh… why the heck am I telling you this?

Len: It’s okay. Tayu-tayo lang naman, eh.

Damn. More skewed notions about my masculinity…

Chinese Philosophy is all so fine, irregardless (Here we go with that word again…) of whether or not the lecture progresses much. We were stuck for quite a while on the Tao-Te Ching, but we’re about to go to our last text before our final examinations… not much else to say about the class, really.

I did notice that one of my Chinese classmates constantly smiles at me in class, though. And I’m like four or five rows behind her, so she has to really turn around at me to do that… but nah, I won’t think much of it. I guess she’s just being very nice…

.:I Missed This:.

Keeping in touch with friends who matter is my only link to keeping my life outside of the academe or the store interesting… I know Daph is out in China right now, I have no idea how Don’s doing, I try talking to Abby during the weekends, I’m not one to push my luck with Adi, I haven’t heard much from Mich, and a host of other people I more or less would’ve wanted to keep in touch with since graduation. My only constant connections are Jason and Peppy, as they frequent the store, as I rarely go to the Calf anymore, so I don’t run into Glenn much, either.

Anyways, I got to talk with Rowena (My Philo 104 classmate. The one I spoke to only on our last day of classes before final oral exams.) last night, and we were just catching up on how things have been already. She’s about to go to Med school in UST, and beyond that, she doesn’t seem to be having much activity lately. I swear, I can’t handle that kind of relaxation. I always have to find something to do, no matter what it may be…

I’m glad she’s doing fine, and I would of course hope to meet up with her again, soon. She’s one of those “better late than never” friends I’ve had quite a few of prior to and even after graduation (i.e. Peppy, Jason, Eric, Sacha, Elbert to some extent….), and I’m grateful for each and every one of them…

.:Gaydar Sense Tingling:.

A text message from someone who will remain nameless… he still deserves the benefit of the doubt…

Ey, wen ka free? Nood tyo movie.

Okay, assuming that he sent this to many people, that’s no problem, but I replied that I’m not free for the most part (Due to my schoolwork and pending job interviews/seminars.), he texted back again…

Ruts. Gud am btw. Fnd free tym. Bartolina tyo f not a movie, anytym. Im tryng 2 get free f my daily routin in normal co 4 a chnge.

Maybe that last part meant he was looking for “normal company”, which I could (dubiously) provide, but I have no idea what “Bartolina” is (I hope it’s not somewhere in Malate or Kamuniiiing…), and the way he phrased it, it does seem like I’m the only one he “asked out”, which, if put in that light, makes my hair stand up on end…

I’m not homophobic, really. But the moment they start getting a wee bit too close for comfort, that’s a different story. This guy has been alerting my gaydar for quite a while already, considering how he usually leans over me when he watches me playing RAW Deal, and the lean is a bit… uncomfortable. I have no idea if his other friends realize this (Or if they know, but nobody else does.), or if he’s actually just that… touchy-feely. But with other guys?

So please, what the Hades is Bartolina? And I don’t mean the prison cells.

.:More Store Shenanigans:.

So Mikko was there with his laptop and I was busy with Mike Tyson’s Super Punch Out again for the most part while listening to… err… Rex Navarette. So I showed him a certain new CD I acquired. He promptly started looking at some parts of the video clips, and his luck was such that he just ended up clicking on video clips featuring… err… gyrating men, which was about two out of the fifty or so things he could’ve checked out there, so he had only around a four percent chance of landing those segments. Then again, he might’ve done it intentionally…

I had a footlong hotdog for a snack, and Ate Jess found it funny… I mean, what does the Hapi Hotdog have going for it that a footlong can’t handle, neh?

.:What Do You Think I’d Do About It?:.

I ran into this certain “friend” of mine yesterday, who was with her boyfriend. I called out her name twice, and she just glanced at me, then ignored me. I guess it’s just fine, maybe because…

1. Maybe I did something wrong to her. (No you didn’t Marcelle.)

2. Maybe she didn’t hear me. (She glanced at you, so she did, Marcelle.)

3. Maybe she’s in a hurry. (She was walking as though she were walking in the park with her boyfriend, Marcelle. Nuh-uh.)

4. She’s Chinese. (She is anything but Chinese, Marcelle.)

Okay… so I haven’t done anything wrong to her, she’s in no rush, she heard me loud and clear, she’s not Chinese, she’s not named *jaded*, Grace, or Tsumenki. I don’t owe her anything, nor do I have any special regard for her.

With that being said, I have no reason to make excuses for you, you bastich. Go to Hades and eff you.

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