Saturday, May 15, 2004

.:A Thought Occurred To Me…:.

The placement office just handed my name to another prospective employer, but instead of an interview, I am instead getting an orientation seminar for their company. If that doesn’t alarm you to the kind of work this probably will entail, then I’ll spell it out for you clearly in a while…

The company is Sony Life. The first word of the company’s name is encouraging. The second isn’t. That’s because it points to the fact that I am being contacted by an insurance company. Now, no offense meant to people working in the insurance industry, but this is one line of work that is just way out of my range. I really don’t have any intentions of going into insurance, much less a call center, but I digress.

But then again, my alternatives to Binswanger aren’t exactly things that would make you jabronis go… “How profound!” either…

One of my main considerations for work right now is being a DJ, as it’s part time and it’s a job I love doing. My mom asked her friend, the wife of the president of RX, about my chances of getting into the air staff. While she didn’t say that I flat-out blow, I was given ample encouragement by Ma’am Chinggay about my status, as I cannot really be considered for hiring in RX because I’m only a Level IV Radio 1 trainee. I need to be level V to be considered.

However, other radio stations would view my training in Radio 1 as an advantage for hiring me if I signed up for a station with an opening… which leads me to my point…

Would you jabronis regret ever having known me if I ended up being a DJ for, say 102.7 Star FM? Just a… err… hypothetical question I’m curious about.

I mean, I’m comfortable with their playlist. I don’t have to love it, but I don’t mind it that much, considering how I usually hear their songs from them or some other similar station whenever I commute.

I just need to find out where the Hades these ruddy stations happen to be… and then I’ll come a-knocking.

At least I can leave RX with a clear conscience… :)

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