Monday, May 10, 2004

Let's Do This.

No, I didn't vote. Not because I didn't want to, but my registration got effed up. You know whom I would've voted anyway...


Got some cards from the mail today from one of the guys I've been trading with online. This trading is good, so long as the person I'm trading with is trustworthy enough... heh.

Anyways, with that being said, I now have a copy of "Brothers 'Til The End", which is a key card in any Undertaker or Brothers Of Destruction deck... it really helps me get off the ground defensively.

.:More Politics:.

Today is election day, and our discussion on Taoism last Friday proved to be rather interesting simply because we ended up having a rather politically charged discussion again, as I found that the point of Taoism about the lack of any need to praise one's actions when it is natural for him or her to do so was completely repudiating John Osmena's shameless promotion of his sole achievement as a senator. At the same time, I felt rather disgusted over Miriam's sick tastelessness, using her own late son to further her campaign, as though she forgot her promise to her son to not involve herself in politics again. You can tell something is really wrong with her.

Anyways, Chinese Philosophy wasn't so bad at all. We just found that particular guy in front of me really weird, as his line of questioning was simply out of line. He tried linking condoms to the issue of "trust" in Taoism, which, though it may seem witty to him, is downright inane to most of the other students who wanted to do something more productive than toss around sexual innuendo.

To cap off the political discussions, I managed to have a short talk with Abby last night over who she intends to vote. She doesn't feel too comfortable with Bro. Eddie, and I respect that notion. Her choice would've been just as good had he been a bit more healthy: Raul Roco. Let's face it: what he may not have in terms of sheer moral ascendancy (Though he has some measure of it, mind you.), he makes up for in superb statesmanship. He has more than enough political experience, a very clear platform, and yet his health problems hound him.

Abby's been doing well with her work lately. It's good to know that I could at least still keep in touch with her every now and then. Until she gets married, that is. :) Whenever that may be.

.:Hope She Gets The Job:.

Cami's also being interviewed for Binswanger, upon my prodding her. Hope that works out for her, because I'd really feel a lot better having a co-worker I know well enough. She's been a great friend for the past year or so, and I would definitely enjoy working with her.

Lots of luck to you, jabroni. Hope you also get the job, assuming I get it myself...

.:This Is Funny:.

I was always a KOF gamer, and everyone knows that. When it comes to Street Fighter, I have to admit that I was really bad prior to SF Alpha. With the anniversary edition of Street Fighter out, I decided to give myself a second chance to redeem myself in the realm of the old school, and while I have yet to finish the bloody game without using any continues (Ruddy computer dishes way too high damage.), I can proudly say that I've been doing relatively well with versus matches.

I was playing Guile a couple of days ago, in hopes of finishing the game, as he's easy to use against computer opponents who like to jump around, i.e. Cammy, Fei Long, et. al. What happened next took me off my guard. Someone challenged me, and proceeded to hand my @$$ to me, as let's face it: if you can't do Guile's super combo motion at will, you're severely disadvantaged as that super combo is Guile's main strength in SSFIIT. So as soon as I lost, I challenged again, this time using Akuma.

What happened next surprised even me. I was just doing old school tricks to win against my opponent. It was actually amusing already, because Akuma's air Fireball buffered me against Shoryukens. That, plus his three-hit Red Fireball does a lot of tick damage. And of course, the most old-school trick of them all: throws. Throws are obscenely powerful in classic Street Fighter, so I exploited this fact, even winning at one point with no lifebar health left by throwing my opponent who had a pretty high lifebar at the time, only to lose it all to one throw.

That run-in with the old school yielded me four straight wins. I should play this game some more...

.:Am I Glad She's A Good Sport:.

Grace and I were supposed to watch Van Helsing last Saturday, but we decided against it due to time constraints. Nonetheless, we ate at Tokyo Tokyo in Megamall, where we had the usual Sumo Meal for the both of us, although their prices increased by ten pesos already.

Anyways, I noticed that the girl serving us, whose name was May Villar, was very much... Chinese. The funny thing about it was that it was Grace who pointed it out to me. When I saw this waitress, I just thought she looked a bit kawaii, but it didn't occur to me that she was actually Chinita. In any case, while we were enjoying our meal, Grace kept on ribbing me about her, and all that time, I had no idea who she was. At one point, I decided to look at her nametag, which explains why I refer to her by name now.

Anyways, the funny thing about it is that for most of our meal, Grace and I noticed that she was usually the one serving us, when there were so many waitresses roving around Tokyo Tokyo at the time. I told her that it might simply be because she was looking out for me. Grace even dared me to order from her, then also ask for her cellphone number in the order. While I have no idea if Grace would've resented it had I taken her up on the dare, I decided against it. No point in fanning the flames, neh? I repeat: I did not notice that she was Chinese until Grace pointed it out to me...

A word of advice for people who like tasty rice in Tokyo Tokyo: ask for extra Tempura sauce. Lots of it. Then use it as sauce for your rice. It's good, no matter what viand you may have.

Guess who ended up serving us three reloads of rice each, and three "shots" of Tempura sauce? ;)

.:The Highlander:.

Ah... what a sight...

We were at the Tagaytay Highlands for Mother's Day yesterday, as my grandparents bought a new unit there, having decided to sell off the unit they had in the not-so-interesting Caylabne resort, which, truth be told, was not being used much anymore, anyways. With that being said, the unit in the Highlands was simply splendid. The air was cool, there was air conditioning if that wasn't enough, we were situated near a clubhouse with a lot of great food and stuff to do available (Including swimming, but I'm sure you know that.), and it was overall simply wonderful.The place is really fine. I like how cool the entire unit is, considering how it's in the middle of summer, and it was already cool even before the rainfall came that day.

As you can see, that's a shot from the second floor of the clubhouse, and you can see the pool and the cables for the cable cars out there, as well as the mountains nearby. It's breathtaking to look at. I'll see if I can get the group picture into Photobucket soon enough, though. Just watch for it, I guess.

It was fun, for the most part. The food was great, and the people were fine... let's just say the whole place was eye candy. :)

Nonetheless, I missed Manny Pacquiao's fight. So who won?

I don't say it often enough, but my mom knows how much I love her. I hope she enjoyed this day.

.:Survivor All-Stars Is Over:.

Let me just mention that I especially loved this season of Survivor, and seeing Amber win wasn't so bad. Of course, I wasn't really rooting for her or Boston Rob, but it wasn't so bad. I know Shi Ann got eliminated soon after her immunity, simply because she wasn't part of anyone's plan, but she got some measure of redemption. Amber awarded her a nice car at the show, and then people can now vote for any of the Survivors at to give out an additional $1M to any of the eighteen Survivors. I'm personally hoping either Rupert or Shi Ann get this. Maybe even Colby, but there's just something so endearing about Rupert...

Anyways, Shi Ann actually looks good when she's outside of the game. She looked a bit haggard, even more than most other contestants, when she was still playing the game. Nonetheless, I wonder if she'd ever get along with Alicia, after all that stuff they went through with one another. I'm surprised about the engagements and romances that bloomed over Survivor All-Stars, including how Richard suddenly found love, Amber and Rob got engaged, Jenna is with Ethan, among other things. This was an exceedingly good season, and I certainly loved the people.

Someone let me know when this whole season is out on DVD. I sure would want to get it.

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