Monday, May 03, 2004

Just a last-minute uploading of a picture of the Eyeball I attended last Friday...

From left: Myself, Deph, And Jen...

.:Brain Mush:.

I dropped by Sacha's house after a dental appointment for the so-called Monty Python day. I had no bloody idea what Monty Python was, save for the fact that it's a comedy group, so I was in for quite a time when I got there. Ranulf already left, so that left only myself, Sacha (Who, as you will see tomorrow when I upload the pictures, wore a really nice Chinese-inspired blouse.), Shawn, Eric Vidal (Yes, I think they threshed out their issues already...), and Peppy. Little did I know that Monty Python was synonymous to “brain kill”, as I walked in around the tailend of their screening of “Life Of Brian”, which was a simply outrageous spoof of the life of Christ. If you thought the Passion was such an ordeal, “Life Of Brian” would really test the limits of your brain's ability to continue working, with one crazy joke after the other.

“Life Of Brian” is essentially a movie about a guy named Brian, whom the Jews believed to be the Messiah. A lot of British wit makes it way into the film this way, and it was simply funny in a brainless kind of way.

Brian: I'm not the Messiah!

Lady: Only the TRUE Messiah would deny that He is the Messiah!

Brian: Okay, fine. If that be the case, I'M the Messiah!

Everyone: He is! He is the Messiah!

My brain hurts... then, came the trial. Pilate here was portrayed with Elmer's speech impediment... he was accompanied by a Roman official, Biggus, who had a lisp.

Pilate: Okay! As this is a special cewemony, then just ask of me any pwisoner you wish, and I will welease him!

Jews: Wandy! We want Wandy!

Pilate: All wight. I will welease Wandy!

Centurion (To Pilate.): Sir, we don't have a Randy.

Pilate: We have no Wandy. Who do you want me to release?

Jews: We want Wodewick! Welease Wodewick!

Pilate (To Centurion.): Why are they talking like that?

Centurion: It's a Jewish thing, sir

Pilate: All wight. I will welease Wodewick!

Centurion: We don't have a Wodewick either, sir.

Pilate (To Jews.): We have no Wodewick. Who is this man?

Jew 1: He's a wobber (Jews laugh again.)!

Jew 2: And a wapist (Jews continue laughing.)!

Hew 3: And a pickpocket (Jews stop laughing.).

Pilate (To Centurion.): Eh? What prisoners do we have, then?

Centurion: We have Simon of Caesarea, Severus of Saratoga, and Lester the Strangler.

Biggus: Wait. Let me read that to them! (To Jews) We have thethe prithonerth: Thimon of Thaetharea, Theverus of Tharatoga, and Lethter the Thrangler! (Jews laugh even louder than ever.)

Pilate: Stop that! Don't you know him? He's a cwack Woman genewal!

Must... stop... the pain...

Sacha could tell I was cringing already and wringing my hands in despair over this sheer inanity, and then after the film ended, they then showed clips from “The Holy Grail”, which was even more brainless. The killer bunny, the Lego Knights, and the Black Knight angle simply did in any “wisdom” I may have conceivably incurred the past few weeks.

.:During Downtime:.

After the film, my brain was still bleeding. In a futile attempt to remedy that, I decided to deflect any more Monty Python by reading Culture Crash and looking at those sisters who cosplayed for Final Fantasy X-2. Ah, well. In any case, Sach brought out some more puzzles that we worked on, and it wasn't much, really. The conversation got interesting when I told Sacha that she had a rather... graphic stalker, though. The type who would really be saying certain intense stuff about her on his weblog. Most likely one of her students, at that. Of course, she felt a bit bothered that I wasn't too keen on letting her know who this stalker was in the event that I found out. Something to the effect that my exclusive knowledge about people who fantasize about her is quite... disturbing to her.

Eric brought out cookies, which we almost polished off, save for three pieces. He handed the last three to Sacha...

Eric: Here you go, Sach.

Marcelle: Three cookies? You do know what that means, right, Eric?

Eric *With a triumphant look*: Ha! Well, here you go, Marcelle!

Marcelle: Why thank you, Eric. I never thought...

Eric: Uh, on second thought...

We then continued talking about the fact that Ate Jess (May as well go with the flow...) was possibly teaching in ICA, and I was telling them I'd rather go and do a Jack Black and impersonate her. After all, I didn't need any... body work. Sach got away with it. Why wouldn't I? :)

Of course, I could always put up a good front. Wait. That didn't sound right. Tell me I didn't just say that!

You could tell the conversation was really weird. Sach was talking about the games I had on my computer, and I told her that I only had Diablo II. She naturally didn't think so, and I then nabbed her for it, reminding her that she does happen to sound like a lot of the characters in those games... she was at least exceedingly happy, having heard that I'm using Open Office and E-Macs on my laptop, though. She has Peppy to thank for that.

Eric was talking about his schoolgirl fetish again a bit later...

Eric: ... But I only go for the virtual schoolgirls!

Marcelle: You know, maybe you're so into virtual schoolgirls because you never got lucky with the real ones!

Eric: On the contrary... nah, I'm just kidding.

I rest my case.

.:Sacha Offered Me Kisses... But I Turned Her Down (!):.

Yes, it's true. Sacha offered to give me some, but I refused. Of course, we're talking about the Hershey's chocolate here. Whatever the Hades were you thinking? I had some Kisses from her a few minutes later, though, after having taken out some of the excess sugar in my system over all those cookies...

This happened in Greenbelt 3, prior to watching the Philippine Madrigal Singers perform there, in lieu of the original plan to watch "The Whole Ten Yards". For the most part, we were tossing around different puzzles, lateral or otherwise, while we were there, and it was fun. The "Toothpick Dog" puzzles, and the 3, 70 : 13, 20 problem were classics, so to speak.

After they had dinner and all I had was a small cup of wine and some rootbeer, we then went down to Greenbelt Park, where we watched the Madrigal singers perform. They were really good, but I was too far from the stage to get a decent shot of them from my camera phone. Their repertoire involved the classics, some contemporary hits from the Beatles and other similar acts, and even something from Yoyoy Villame and DJ Alvaro, with matching steps that made Peppy cringe (Otso-otso at one point, Ispageti at another.). He especially liked the rendition of Michael Bolton's "Go The Distance", though.

Sach hit me again (I pity her husband in the future.) when I pointed out a bunch of Taiwanese people behind us just chatting away. I won't go into details as to why that was reason enough to get hit, though, but I protest that Sacha was not justified in that act of hers... nonetheless, it's all fine. We had funny references to a certain song I once sang for Videoke night (The singer for the DJ Alvaro song shouted "Darna", which got them to remembering my rendition of a song of that title...), as well as trying to come up with different songs for the melodies they use. It was all good, clean fun.

The last stop before the end of the day was this puzzles and mind games store that Sacha probably frequents. I tried to solve this puzzle where you try to put together nine tiles with four halves of an insect each inside a grid such that all halves of all tiles would match one another. There were five or six types of insects, and I had to put them all together somehow, and even after the whole time I was there, I had no luck putting it together, but I at least got close enough to matching eight out of the nine tiles. Not bad...

Ah, well. A nice pic will be up tomorrow...

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