Thursday, May 13, 2004

.:Nominated Again:.

Vote for me HERE. I'm nominated for "Best Weblog In The Philippines" again... :)

.:Today's Hot Ten, And My Question To You:.

What is that thing you hate so much about the friend you love so much? By "love", I don't mean that romantically. Let's say your best friend whom you love to bits... what thing do you hate about that person so much?

I'll give an example: Sacha is one of my favorite friends. But for the life of me, I just cannot bring myself to like her pet cat, no matter how hilarious it may be to see Sacha running around the house chasing the cat, with her exclaiming "Faster than a speeding cat!"

And you?

.:Misinterpret This:.

Text message from Peppy:

May kasalanan ako sa iyo. I think I broke your X-Change 2 CD.

What I should've replied with:

It's fine, but you broke the CD? I would understand scratches, maybe even stains, but wow... you should cut back on your... intensity. Talk about wham and bam. :)

If you have no idea what X-Change 2 is, consider yourself in the dark and lucky...

And here. Click the link and have some Hot Pussy (You'd be surprised...).

.:It's Not Like I Need This, You Know...:.

Here's a typical e-mail I get from time to time, though I've no idea why I'm getting this stuff...

Dear "MisterVader",

Youve seen it all over television advertisements, and u wondre, is it treu? Can I really just pay $23.95 to actually make my pekn1s larger?

Why, YES!

Try our super-secret pills, and you will be sure not regret it. We will gladly shp to you at no extar cots...

No, I don't need to increase the size of my pekn1s, and I do believe your super-elongated pekn1s was inadvertently typing on your keyboard as well...

Here's another equally annoying kind of e-mail I usually get:

Dear Sir,

I am Atty. Darwin Krevaziuk of Poland, and I have a very interesting proposition of utmost importance and extreme conficence for you.

I am the lawyer of the late Polish Senator, Walbert Morici, whose estate of $20.5 million has been left in escrow because he has no last will and testament or any immediate relatives. Upon instruction of the Polish government, I have been asked to approach a middleman willing to take in this amount of money, as such a transfer can only be done outside of the country. We are willing to offer you half of this amount through your help, and all we require is for you to give us your bank account number and other pertinent details in order for us to be able to transfer these funds to your account...

Bull crud. I've been getting SPAM like this for the longest time, and I wonder just how many stupidiotic people actually fall for this scam.

.:The Morning Trio:.

After weeks on end, I finally showed up at the Morning Rush to see how Chico, Delle, and Brad were doing. Their show was funny, as it was the continuation of the Hot 10 from the previous day. This time, it was the "Top 10 Things You'd Tell Your Dad's Girlfriend". Delamar is a nice person and all, but you just know that she can't do the Hot 10 without ending up being corny to save her life. One of the "best" answers:

Delamar: Tita, ito si Mommy! Layuan mo si Daddy! Awoooooo!!!

Chico: That is soooo Nickolodeon, Delle. Nick-ni-nick-nick-ni-nick-nick-nick...

Delamar: Isn't it "Aren't you glad you're watching Nickolodeon?" *Proceeds to sing the rest of the jingle.*

I swear... it was hilarious. They were arguing left and right, and Chico was actually leveling sexual innuendo in Delle's direction, as though he were flirting with her. That's a rare sight... or sound, as the case may be. Brad was just aghast over what was happening, and Chico and Delle were practically ganging up on him whenever he tried to get his licks in.

Considering how I most likely will not get the DJ stint in RX, and the fact that their timeslot is the graveyard shift, and considering that Binswanger has been such a bastich lately, I just might try my hand at joining a certain other radio station with an opening. Unlike most of my Radio 1 compatriots, I can handle doing masa music. Well, commuting usually does that to you.

.:The Store Is Getting The Best Of Me:.

I seem to be hanging around Hobby Haven more and more often, which is weird, as they don't carry RAW Deal, nor are any of my friends always there. Still, I was conversing with Mikko and Flip last night over stuff like RAW Deal and King Of Fighters, and it was all a very engaging conversation, to say the least. Anyways, I really had a fine time a couple of days ago, and even ended up dropping by SJ's house, doing nothing but talk about video games for the most part. Nonetheless, it was all just fun.

I managed to strike up an agreement with Chico (A different Chico. The store owner, not the DJ.) regarding Survivor Series 3 for RAW Deal, which is the base set coming out in 2005. I asked him to acquire just one case (Six booster boxes.) of the product, and if the product doesn't move, then I'd gladly purchase half of it. Not a bad thing, really. It's a win-win situation, to say the least. Either I jumpstart RAW Deal in Hobby Haven come next year, or I simply hoard all the cards I'd ever need... not a bad setup at all.

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