Tuesday, May 18, 2004

.:What The Hades Is This?:.

Ladies and gentlemen, Marcelle just lost a job before he even had it.

This morning, Mr. Bulaong, my Philosophy professor for most of my Philosophy classes throughout college, called me on his cellular phone. It was odd, truth be told. He was wondering what happened to me, and I was telling him that I had to change my course from TPH to regular MA for Philosophy. The difference was that the former would be a non-doctorate program, and I wasn't intent on letting that happen.

Then he suddenly asked me...

Bakit ka nag-back out sa pagiging teaching assistant ni Fr. Que?

I was surprised. I never backed out. I never told anyone that I will. So I asked him to clarify what that meant, and apparently, Dr. Ibana assumed that my having a part-time job meant I was abandoning being a teaching assistant. What the Hades? I do recall telling him explicitly what I made clear with Binswanger: I will not comrpomise my studies or my teaching for them. What part of that signifies that I'm backing out?

So now, Dr. Ibana decided to take matters into his hands and promptly assign a different teaching assistant to Fr. Que for this schoolyear, which leaves me out of a teaching job. Pardon me, but that is just effed up. I've spent so much time mulling over this, I've made up my mind without any reservations to go and sacrifice a chance at quick prosperity by instead teaching, and instead, I'm left as the fifth choice in a choice of five. Guess what? The department can only afford four teaching assistants. Wonderful. To think I was already guaranteed the effing job. Now, I have to hope that the VP would consider making enough room for a fifth teaching assistant, which I find to be unfair, because I never said anything about backing out. Why do I have to pay for other people's mistakes again, just like this whole TPH or PH deal?

I am fuming and I am absobloodylutely ticked off. Marcelle is once again denied.

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