Sunday, May 16, 2004

My posts are short lately. Well, non-happening weekends do that to you... :)

.:Why Me?:.

Yung kapatid ni Ate Peach, type si Kuya Marc! (Ate Peach’s sibling likes Kuya Marc!)

- My sister, Caren

Okay. Here we go again. Apparently, a sibling of my cousin-in-law’s has the hots for me. Unfortunately...

It’s a guy.

He had no idea who I am when he saw me at Ate Peach’s wedding. He knew my other siblings, though. So he ended up asking Caren, my sister, if I was Francis’ (My other brother...) boyfriend. Apparently, he assumed Francis was gay because of his long hair, which, truth be told, was funny. Of course, the insinuations towards me were equally... distressing. Still, I guess it’s more or less fine. It’s no big deal, as long as nothing... concrete pops out of this.

But why does it always have to be the case that when someone likes me, it has to be a guy? Gawd.

.:A Plan To End All Plans:.

Peppy and I have a certain one-year plan in mind involving a common friend of ours. I will divulge the details once we manage to consult with the common friend in question. This ought to be interesting.


And so, Ronan decided to keep me puzzled further... I cannot speak further on this... only twitch my eyebrows some more.

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