Thursday, May 06, 2004

.:A Realization:.

Being a commuter makes one very accustomed to music for the masses. I was the only one who seemed to have memorized the chorus of Pamela-mela Wan in Hobby Haven...

.:The Rusher's EB in pictures...:.

We had a Rusher's EB in Yellow Cab Pizza in Megamall today, and it was fairly interesting. Talk mostly revolved around politics, and for the most part, I was around familiar people. In any case, Grace was with me, which made things even more fun, as she certainly was nice to hear from, with a non-rusher point of view...

Special gratitude to Joey Girl for the flattering words regarding my writing style. Glad to hear you like it. :)

The funny thing about Grace is that when she tries to dress really nicely (ire. A jumper with skirt in lieu of her regular shirt and jeans outfit.), someone would walk by us wearing exactly the same thing. Nonetheless, it's all fine, really.

The limited powers of my camera phone are tested...

You take the check! No, you!

The bewildered girl scratches her head... "I never had a slice of pizza. Why am I the one taking the check?"

.:Maybe There's Hope:.

While we were mostly in agreement over the EB, I did not expect in a million years an extremely spirited discussion on the merits of Bro. Eddie Villanueva inside an FX with the driver, myself, and a passenger seated next to me. We were just riding along, and lo and behold, we heard this annoying commercial from FPJ. The guy next to me commented that it's not like FPJ could really bring anything new to the table. I then said that I really wish Bro. Eddie would win. The driver then concurs. After all, his FX was filled with Bro. Eddie stickers he got from out of his own pocket...

With that being said, the rest of the trip was peppered with talks about how Bro. Eddie knows what he's doing, how GMA will win by any means possible as she has the machinery to cheat her way to victory, and how she has shamelessly conditioned the minds of the people to believe that she's the only logical choice to vote because any vote not for her is a vote for FPJ. That's crud and she knows it. She's turning it into a one-on-one decision, when she has no idea if it really is that way, considering how it would take her millions of pesos just to get people to go to her rallies and fill the venue up completely, whereas Bro. Eddie only needs to call for one, and the place would even have more people wanting to go there than its capacity could handle.

The more I see Bro. Eddie stickers and other political paraphernalia all over the place, the more hope I feel for this country that maybe, just maybe, we'd actually begin to learn how to think for ourselves and put the right people into power. Don't talk to me about how Roco is just as good, because he himself realizes that he's too sick for the position. Don't tell me about GMA either, because she can always cheat to win if she really wanted to. Lacson? Why? Have we all forgotten that he still has some unresolved issues and personal agendas to push? Putting in power the lord of all kidnapping lords would of course cut down his need to have these operations carried out, but at what price? FPJ? Why? You want a very volatile trifecta in Angara, Maceda, and Sotto, along with a figureheard who's beginning to think he's the shiznit? Eddie Gil? Hah. As if this government wasn't enough of a mockery to begin with already.

I hope to God that people just wisen up to these facts. Eddie Villanueva is the best choice. The non-evil. So why go for the lesser evil when he's around?

I know I wasn't able to register because of all these complications, but I am doing my part as much as I could: you know who not to vote for. But you see, a vote for an upright man is never a wasted vote. If you're tired of traditional politicians who try to woo us in order for them to enrich themselves, if you want someone who believes and fears a God in whatever name you may call him, if you despise this vicious cycle of blind hero-worship without seeing one's credentials, then who else should you vote but Bro. Eddie Villanueva?

Think about it, jabronis.

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