Saturday, May 15, 2004


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.:At Long Last:.

So I finally got a copy of “Super Punch Out” from Mikko (After seeing him and Zig in the store at the same time, I realized why I mistook one for the other…) and was playing it on my laptop. Guess what… I finally finished the bloody game! It took me ages to get the hang of it, but there you go. I was even using super uppercuts on Mike Tyson by the time I got used to beating him up like a rag doll… ah, well. It was all good fun.

Up next: even more NES roms for me to copy… nyahahaha… this all ought to be interesting…

In the same line of “at long last” thoughts, I thought I’d mention that Bobby Bonifacio’s sequel to the film “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso”, entitled, “Muling Tumibok Ang Puso”, starring my good friend Abby Yao, will be shown at BRASH cinema next Saturday, May 22, at around 8 in the evening. I wonder if I’ll be seeing people I know there? Hmmm...

.:RAW Deal Is In Trouble:.

I really am thinking about shelling out money on my own already to fuel the RAW Deal playing community. This game has been an extremely dynamic game for the past two years, yet RO and a lack of prizes beyond a title belt have been hampering people’s interest in the game...

I think I have to really take a hand into marketing this game, even shipping in the Core Set of RAW Deal into a few stores just so it would be out, and some constant publicity on this or that magazine/television show/radio show... I really, really need to keep the game afloat, as it’s sad that the number four CCG in the world right now is almost dead in the Philippines... and it’s not because the game started to stale. If anything, it’s better than ever.

.:Proving That My @$$ Can Cash A Check My Mouth Wrote:.

I’m sure a lot of people I talk to about games like SNK vs. Capcom and King Of Fighters 2003 find me a bit arrogant because I keep on talking about the game as though I were some premiere expert on it.

Let’s just say that after today’s cancelled RAW Deal tournament, I managed to prove myself somewhat to some of my players that I do know a thing or two about SVC Chaos, despite not having touched the game for about three months already. I used Dhalsim, and though I didn’t finish the game, I still had a twelve-win streak to show for my efforts. The toughest opponent I already had was some Akuma player (Who wasn’t among my players.), but he simply couldn’t get past Dhalsim’s amazing defenses in this game... ah, well.

Something Archie, one of the players said to me after my seventh win:

Who are you? Where's Marcelle? Bring him back, Satan!

Okay. Now that's a bit of overhype... :)

I still like this game. Too bad it’s not so popular anymore, and there was never a tourney for it...


Grace and I went to Munoz today to look for the arcade there, but we never found it.

With that said, I just prevented myself from joining the KOF 2003 tournament this coming Saturday, which flat-out blows, because I believe this is my strongest KOF year ever...

Still, spending time with Grace was worth making up for it...

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