Thursday, May 27, 2004

So sue me. I'm OC about blogging on a daily basis... :)

.:Finally, Something To Say:.

Other than my paper, my blogging hasn't been there yesterday simply because my life was... non-happening. With that being said, here I am now, simply having a more or less okay time, considering my possible work options, all of which should not really conflict with my studies and the hopeful T.A. slot that Dr. Ibana has been so nice enough to apply for on my behalf (We all know why...).

So I was there in DWLS today for an interview, and I met up with John Hendrix (Obviously an on-air name.). Here's a pros and cons breakdown of that job...

The Good: I'm around nice people, some of them whom I know already, others who are just really great to talk to (More than some Radio 1 people... just some.), and I haven't burned any bridges with RX. It was their idea for me to try for other stations as they have no opening.

The Bad: The transition between their analog and digital facilities is agonizingly long. And it's only happening at this point, which I hope will be over and done with when I start handling the console.

The Ugly: I forgot to mention: this isn't a job. This is Campus Aircheck, and I have to hope for the job after all the training. Didn't I have a year of training with RX already? As you can tell, I won't be getting paid at all while I'm training.

Luke Mijares was there as well, promoting his new album, and the jocks were talking about one of the Campus Air Checker's fascination with... his... maids... something about one of them being toothless and that being perfect...

So I guess I have to wait until I get offers from other stations first, or at least interviews, as I pulled some strings through my mom already to have my resume sent out to people. That essentially means that I cannot ask her to do the same for some of my other friends who do want to become jocks... this is quite a huge favor she's done for me...

I also ran into Mike Enriquez yesterday. He was mighty surprised to see me there when he found out who my mom was... ah, well. Interesting stuff, really. If I do work in GMA, I would definitely enjoy myself there.

Here's a good, bad, ugly analysis of one of the other stations I could possibly go for... 102.7 Star FM...

The Good: Wow! Nine hours a week of work, and around 11,000 a month? What's not to like about that?

The Bad: ... at 9-12 in the evening.

The Ugly: ... in Taft, a world away from my house, and in a station where their really scary-looking listeners hang around. And did I mention that their playlist isn't exactly the most pleasing to me?

In any case, wish me luck...

.:The Surprise Of The Week:.

I realized that I was given enough signs thanks to Cami that this "opportunity" that was being dangled in front of me had a huge catch to it, but well, I decided to listen to them anyways. They do have a nice sales pitch, but let me give you the good, bad, and ugly treatment for it minus the sugarcoating I was treated to from them.

This is the one I was talking about regarding Juss, one of my Chinese Philo classmates. Amusingly enough, Rhea (The girl in one of the pictures.) is also her co-worker there, as well as Len, I believe. The company is NuSkin. And yes, it's an effing network marketing company. You know something that offers a base of 15K a month would definitely have a catch, and here it is.

I sat through two hours of the seminar just to hear what they had to say and while the product on its own seems great, selling the product or marketing it to people and hoping that they'd buy into the system is not. The seminar was given by someone named Dennis Ong, who had an accent just like William Hung's. Now, if he sang the whole "She Bangs" song with matching dance steps just for me, I would've gladly joined it already. Ah, well. I was mostly cracking jokes during the seminar, although I had quite a doozy which I forgot already... too bad.

Oh, sure it's an effortless thing, and sure, maybe they'd even have some scientific proof that their stuff works, but come on! You think anyone would enter this without making sure they have someone they can get into it first? Of course they'd want that. So if I want in, I need to get, say, Peppy, Grace, Sacha, and Jason in as well. These four need four each before they'd want to get in if they want to play it safe just like me, unless of course, I just sponsor them to get in, get the product, and it's up to them beyond that. But you see, if let's say Peppy tries to get Kit, Glenn, Elbert, and Jonsi, and Elbert and Glenn back out, Peppy will back out. Thus, I will back out. You see what I mean? It's an effing waiting game, and not everyone can be as convicted about it as you can.

Don't ignore the fact that you might make some enemies yourself if you choose the sneaky way out and lure them into NuSkin the way Juss did with me by simply lying when I asked her up front if this was NuSkin or networking. She said "no", and I knew it was right away, because she never told me exactly what it was. Is this really the way you want to start people off? With a lie? Oh, sure, he becomes a millionaire if he gets lucky, but you still start off with an effing lie. The principle of it baffles me.

The Good: If you're lucky, you can be a multi-millionaire in five years, and it only takes you three hours a day, and that's not five days a week, mind you. Success is proportional to your effort and network. If you're satisfied with 15K a month, just get four or five people in off the bat, and get a few more people here and there a month. That'd get you somewhere. You're making more money for less hours at your own will than a call center person would. The product is apparently good, as well. Really good, unless some Chemist guy would come to me and disprove that.

The Bad: It's networking! It's not for everybody, and I'd be honest enough to say that unless I get five people willing to start the moment I do, I don't think it's for me, either. As I said, you can make enemies in this job if you do what they train you to do: i.e. lie to people about exactly what the company is until the last possible moment. If I were to enter this, eff the protocol, I will not be secretive, because I don't like being led on. There's a catch, and I'd rather people know it right away.

The Ugly: 11,000 to get into the system. The buck stops somewhere. If you're screwed up, maybe even at your own level. Good luck.

.:Nice Conversations Rule:.

Spoke to Cami last night, and I'm happy she finally has a job. Binswanger never made its presence felt to me anymore, which I assume to be a sign of their lack of interest in me already. Well, that's their loss. I was sold on the idea of working for them already, so it's too bad if they don't want me around anymore, but I won't die, really.

The topics we talked about covered stuff like the Viva Hot Men, Binswanger, NuSkin, and her new line of work. In any case, I still have a hard time looking at her in the same way ever since that really crazy dream I had about her. Am I glad that's over and done with, but the images are too difficult to eradicate, and it's not like I want to keep them in my head. There's something about her eyes that make you think she'd be quite a sight if her eyes suddenly glistened like so... in the vernacular, kapag pumungay ang mga mata niya...

Oh, forget it. Anyways, thanx for the nice convo.

.:Whew, Saved!:.

It's funny. I accidentally left my RAW Deal deck yesterday in the Calf while I was watching Miguel (An incoming sophomore.) play Magic: The Gathering. I had to call Peppy, then Sacha, then one of Sacha's students, before finally finding out that Miguel managed to get my deck for me.

Thank goodness. That deck may not look it, but it's as expensive as Hades, and the cards are going to be a beeyatch to find all over again, no question about it. I guess I have Sacha to thank for the most part with that...

.:This Sounds Good:.

One last good, bad, ugly before I go. This time, it's about some internet company that is will really yield something interesting for me, assuming I can set things up nicely enough.

The Good: This internet company will pay you in dollars. If things go well for you, expect to do very little, literally work from home at your computer, and get $1000 or so for your effort every month for around two years.

The Bad: The only work you have to do is website design. I can't do that much. Maybe I can enter into a partnership with someone? The Ugly will show you why he needs a partner. Moreover, your paycheck is based on the traffic the websites you make will generate (You only make two, though.). Not even the best-looking websites can guarantee hits. At least, if I team up with a teacher or something, the students are a good source of hits... but I'd split the profits here due to the team up...

The Ugly: Entrance of $100. I can sponsor my partner for that, I guess. Worse: I'm not sure if the offer still stands.

How's that sound to you, Peppy? :)

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