Monday, January 03, 2005

.:The Previous Year’s Anthems:.

In 2003, my anthems were “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty, and “Mariposa” by Sugarfree. Truth be told, those two songs still hit home with me to this very moment, but in addition to those, I'm going to give the top five songs that says most of what needs to be said about this past year, one by one. Let's start with the fifth most relevant song...

Why is it relevant? It's a song that got remade last year, and personally, I really liked it. I'm a sucker for sawi songs. Of course, I had to remove Sugarfree's "Hari ng Sablay" from my list so that I didn't use another Sugarfree song as a personal anthem for a second straigh year, all the same.

Mahal Naman Kita
by Jamie Rivera

Mahal Naman Kita
by Jamie Rivera

talaga yatang wala ng pag-asa
upang akoy iyong ibigin pa
pano mangyayaring gayong
akoy di mo pansin
pano mo malalaman sayoy may pag tingin

lagi na lamang saking isipan
sana itoy iyong maramdaman
masabi ko na sana na minamahal kita
don mo lang malalamn
pag ibig koy hangan

pangarap ka na lang ba
o magiging katotohanan pa
bakit may mahal ka ng iba
ngunit di bale na
kahit mahal mo sya
mahal naman kita

kung totoo ang lahat ng yan
sana akoy nangangarap na lang
masayang man,
yan ay pangarap lamang
di naman ako gano masasaktan

pangarap ka na lang ba
o magiging katotohanan pa
bakit may mahal ka ng iba
ngunit di bale na
kahit mahal mo sya
mahal naman kita

.:Major Rewrite:.

A major rewrite for my Battle Royale fanfic is coming up. Elbert pointed out a few things that caught my attention. I really should’ve had a lot more to blog about, in reality, but I guess I’m too drained to do any of that right now.


Until I read his book “On Escape”, I think I can't quite write the essays I wanted to write about him... oh, well.

.:Bidding Away:.

My uncle and I have been looking into getting stuff from E-Bay for me to finally start getting myself some bits and pieces of the Power 9. Nonetheless, the funny thing is that the prices in these auctions really do jump up quite a deal at the last possible moment, making it not quite the bargain we hope it to be... heh.


I met up with Peppy yesterday in Megamall, mainly because I knew he was probably going to want to get some DVD sets from Comic Quest, as it happened to be on sale. I think he got eight full DVD's, and I was ribbing the salesladies to give me a commission for it.

Afterwards, I was trying out a new team in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 that seemed to work really well together but are horrible against aerial attacks: Spiral, Iron Man, and BB Hood. Their team attack causes huge damage like anything. I'd like to think that I had a couple of good teams, including one in Capcom vs. SNK, where I was taken to school by a strictly superior Guile player. Back to the old drawing board, I guess. Heh.

Further down the road, Grace and I met up, and we were just talking with one another, waiting for Chy, a friend of mine through WAVE. It was interesting when we met Chy, really. She clearly had a lot of stories to tell, particularly about how her relationship has been going and so forth. The general concession is that you really have to watch out for in-laws whose family you end up marrying into. It can prove to be quite a nasty surprise...

Nonetheless, I'm glad we found the opportunity to bond, even if only for a while. I think Grace really enjoyed Chy's company, and it was really fun to hear my story with Grace being told from her point of view. There tends to be a lot of shifts of emphasis in her version that underscore how different the two are... and she even retold the occurrences during our rather rocky first year together... that was something else.

That being said, I'm glad I got to spend time with good friends today.

.:A Pet Peeve:.

Doesn't matter who does it, but apparently, I find it to be a pet peeve when a person does nothing but give all the credit in the world to another person, usually a significant other. Something like you give that person a present, and the other person you talk about it to tells you that the person “must've been such a great person to deserve a person”. You tell that other person you asked the former for advice, and you get told that the person “is so empathic that it's inevitable people turn to that person for advice”.

Gushing over another person is perfectly acceptable. I find myself guilty of doing that a lot. But gushing over another person ad nauseaum and being oblivious to the fact that you're gushing to another human being makes you guilty of being a baaaaaaaddddd Magic 8-Ball. Your generated responses aren't even generically useful anymore, and are geared towards nothing but your own benefit.

Oh, well. Just a pet peeve, really. I hope I don't run into any of that again anytime soon.

.:Last December 31...:.

I got this text message...

If you want GMA to step down from her presidency, join the nationwide noise barrage at 12 midnight!!!


.:Fearless Predictions:.

For the New Year, I predict (We shall look at this post and see how many I got right.):

1. That I will place top 8 in one major Vintage tournament with a Doomsday deck everyone dismisses as "uncompetitive".

2. That I will still be working as a jock, and might very well still be a teaching assistant, but for a different professor this time.

3. That a popular actor/politician will die this year. If not, a popular actor who was heavily involved in politics.

4. That Chico will finally show in public who his "baby whale" is.

5. That one of the upcoming Marvel flicks will bomb in the box office. Not sure which one, though.

.:The New Year:.

Lots of people I know have a year-end recap as a blog entry, but considering how detailed my blogging has been for this past year (More than the previous two years I’ve been blogging.), I figure there’s no need for me to recap anything. Only a few key names would really define what my life pretty much went around this year, anyways: Apron, Arias, Basilicato, Bulaong, Chua, Cimafranca, Dayrit, Ferriols, Heidegger, Ibana, Jariol, Lagbao, Levinas, Quema, Or, Salita, Sugay, Sulit, Ternida, andYao. Not a short list, by all means, but each of these family names hold certain meaning to my year, and they’re all over my weblog entries, anyways, so there’s little need for me to recap anything. I’ll make do with a general evaluation of how the year turned out and be done with it.

If I do find the time to make a recap for the past year, though, I’ll do it on a month-by-month basis, but since I’m not using the new Blogger layout, my access points will be a lot messier than other people I know of who came up with very well laid-out timelines. I think I should make my writing a lot more organized this coming year, especially for the blog (The LJ is perfectly reliable…). Perhaps a new layout should be in the works…

Other people are making New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t see any need for that, either. Maybe some other time, meaning they’re not resolutions for the new year anymore…

It's amazing how we always tend to hear the same old routine whenever the New Year approaches. It seems to always be the case that we think the next year will be better than the last (Or at least, we hope for it.), no matter how good our previous year has been. Ah, well.

Truth be told, it may seem trivial, but I can't help but appreciate the power a simple countdown can do for people in general. I guess while cynical though I might be for the most part, it is still undeniable that I have great respect for things outside the realms of plain logic that tell us to keep on going despite what circumstances dictate.

It's been a rough year for a lot of us. In my case, it was particularly a year's worth of an emotional roller coaster. There was the emotional high of finally graduating and finding myself doing my dream jobs. There was the emotional low of breaking up with Grace. There was the emotional high of getting back with her again. There was the emotional low of having a falling out with Sacha.

Triumphs and tragedies have been going one after the other for all of us. It's just sad that a good chunk of all the bad things that have happened ended up happening near the end of the year... a major pair of typhoons, a tsunami, the death of Paquito Diaz, and so forth.

Personally, this year has been seesawing between good times and bad times for me. More importantly than merely my mix of good and bad times, I suppose that I really have to take this opportunity to reiterate my gratitude to all the lives I came across this past year. Unbelievably, I found a great deal of friends in 2004, from old classmates I never was close to until after graduation, to all the wonderful WAVE listeners who gave a damn for me, and not only the music I play.

This year has been a mixed bag for all of us. Yes, I'd admit I've pretty much said the same thing in the past three or so paragraphs. I'm at a loss for words, really. I’m not always this tongue-tied. I know that I'll probably find myself subjected to more of the same string of nearly alternating highs and lows, but I guess it's worth it to live through it all. Happiness and sadness is merely an emotional state. Beyond emotions of happiness and sadness, beyond feelings of joy or pain, what's far more important is the reminder that we simply are irrevocably human. Not everything is in our power. We have infinitude, but our being human likewise ensures our finitude. Thank God for that fact.

This is a new year. Cynical though I may happen to be, I can only wish for the people who mean to me to find next year to be fruitful. Few things make me feel better than to see the people I care about being happy, even at times...

... at the cost of my own happiness.

Regardless, happy new year to everyone.

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