Friday, January 21, 2005

.:Exhausting Day:.

Things have been loaded today, as right after my classes, I headed straight to my uncle's office just so I could give him my payment for the two Ancestral Recall cards I got. Things have been getting complicated with the Beta one, but I'm hoping that things would pan out well soon enough. Nonetheless, when I went back to school, I had to help out for Dr. Manny Dy's appreciation day as one of the ten best teachers in the country, according to Metrobank. I was at registration with Ate Maan, the department secretary, and we had quite an interesting time there, just bonding and exchanging stories about our respective lovelives.

I really enjoyed today, but I'm currently too tired to blog extensively. Until those cards I purchased are safely in my hands, I'd feel a bit nervous, although I fully intend to clear out my BR fanfic backlog and finish Chapter II by the end of this week, as well as check a few papers for Ethics class here and there.

Ran into April before she had oral exams this morning, as well. It was good I managed to take her mind off of her exam, as she was a whole pack of nerves when I saw her.

Not much happening to me, really. I wonder how that press conference for Digital Pinay turned out? Oh, well. Regardless, I'm going to talk about this whole issue on my radio show at WAVE 89.1 tomorrow morning. I'm sure that even without mentioning any specific names, this would get some tongues wagging.

I also noticed that Strata 2000 has a Korean church in its building. The place is filled with Koreans during the weekends. Now isn't that fortuitous? ;)

I'm sorry. I don't make any bones about having a soft spot for these things... :)

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