Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Yesterday was a good day... I still haven't gotten to doing the second chapter for my Battle Royale fic... must make progress later...

Heard Sacha was in Manila Standard today, too. What did they have to say about her, other than her being "hopping mad"?

Oh, scratch that. I read it already.

And I'll post today's LSS for later. I have other things to take under consideration for now...


I got a huge casserrole filled with laing for my stepdad's birthday today from Grace's house last night. Thing is, there was just so much of it! I wasn't expecting this much laing for three hundred bucks, but I sure as Hades won't complain. I think my stepdad liked the present, too.


A certain friend of mine was kind enough to stand by me albeit online yesterday. I'm grateful. It helped me get a lot of sentiments off my chest, and I really am thankful that you were there for me, telling me all the things you told me. You, madame, are certainly one in a billion. May nobody ever take you for granted.


Got to work late, and Jean boarded instead of me. That pretty much meant I couldn't play all the standby songs I loved to play whenever I was on board. Worse, all the songs of Paolo Santos completely disappeared from our playlist. Good gawd, that was horrible. I really liked Paolo Santos' version of "Without You", so to suddenly find it gone was really disorienting. Lots of Kyla and Nina songs disappeared from our playlist, as well, and a lot of other massive rehauls happened.

I hope to Gawd Jean won't always be in charge of the board. Otherwise, my only consolation, having Jimmy Bondoc's "The Man I Was With You" back in our playlist, wouldn't even be consolation because I won't be able to play it... oh, well.


It can be said that I'm technically single right now. That doesn't mean I should just stop being in touch with Grace. If anything, we really spend even more quality time than we did the past couple of months. This is mainly because we've been a lot more open to communicating better with one another, and it really helps us get to know each other better. I'm grateful. The nicest gesture she did last night was that she practically helped me take the huge casserrole home last night, instead of letting me take a cab. It was awfully nice of her, and I really appreciated what she did for me.

There really isn't much to say about my current state of affairs. To be honest, I'm genuinely glad that things have been working out well between Grace and I. We're pretty much still together, but our not underscoring that fact keeps us from potentially suffocating the other with our domineering presence.

My relationship with Grace has been anything but perfect. Despite that, the things we've gone through pretty much cemented why we chose to be together with one another for so long a time, and even to this day, technically. Simply put, we connect on such a level that is simply beyond words. Our sentiments, our moods, our everything. Something about the two of us just clicks all the time, and I can't help but feel happy about this fact.

Thank you for yesterday, Grace. You really made my day.

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