Monday, January 10, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

This song goes out to a good friend of mine...

Semi-Charmed Life
by Third Eye Blind

I'm pack and I'm holding,
I'm smiling, she's living, She's golden and she lives for me,
She says she lives for me, Ovation,
She's got her own motivation, she comes round and she goes down on me
And I make her smile, it's like a drug for you
Do whatever you what to do,
Coming over you, keep on smiling, what we go through.
One stop to the rhythm that divides you,
And I speak to you like the chorus to the verse,
Shop another line like a coda with a curse
And I come on like a freak show takes the stage
We give them the games we play, she said

I want something else, to get me through this,
Semicharmed kind of life
I want something else, I'm not listening to what you say,

The sky it was gold, it was rose
I was taking sips of it through my nose
And I wish I could get back there,
Some place back there, smiling in the pictures you would take
Doing crystal myth, will lift you up until you break
It won't stop, I won't come down, I keep stock
With a tick tock rhythm and a bump for the drop
And then I bump up, I took the hit I was given
Then I bumped again, And then I bumped again
How do I get back there to,
The place where you said

(Repeat Chorus)

I believe in the sand between my toes
The beach gives a feeling
An earthy feeling, I believe in the faith that grows
And the four right chords can make me cry
When I'm with you I feel like I could die
And that would be all right, All right
When the plane came in
She said she was crashing
The velvet it rips, in the city we tripped
On the urge to feel alive
But now I'm struggling to survive
The days you were wearing
That velvet dress, you're the priestess, I must confess
Those little red panties, they pass the test
Slide up around the belly, face down on the mattress, One
Now you hold me
And we're broken
Still it's all that I want to do
Feel myself with a head made of the ground
I'm scared but I'm not coming down
And I won't run for my life
She's got her jaws lockd now in smile but nothing is all right, All right

(Repeat Chorus)

.:Here’s Grace’s Korean Friend, Pola:.

Can you believe she’s 27 years old?!?

.:I Can't Believe I Forgot About...:.

... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Let's put it this way... that film really meant a lot to me, to say the least. For me to forget about including it in the Top Five films of the year is a travesty.

.:A Series Of Odd Events:.

Quite believably, I ended up hanging around with Grace for four straight days, considering how after all that “speaking tongues” and “oh, yeth, yeth, yeth!” discussions with my Levinas classmates in Gerry's Grill, I was practically with Grace from Thursday to Sunday on various dates.

However, quite amusingly, I was hanging around with Kathy last Friday and Saturday as well. Consider it the mismatch of the decade, to say the least. Heh.

.:07 January, 2005, Friday:.

After hanging around Hobby Haven for the first time since the new year started, I headed off to Glorietta to supposedly watch “Kung-Fu Hustle” (Review of this film coming up, along with the review for “Ocean's Twelve”.) with Kathy, Grace, Peppy, Krisette, and some of Kathy's friends , only to discover that by the end of it, only Grace, Kathy, and I were watching. That was funny, considering Kathy was almost technically a chaperone that night, and if in case Grace didn't show up, I think Kath and I may as well call the movie night off... heh.

While waiting for Grace, Kathy and I were talking about a few things, particularly the plan for Saturday, as we intended to go firespinning, among other things such as hunting for DVD's. She was also talking to me about stuff that's been going on in her life recently, which naturally piqued my interest, to say the least. Nonetheless, we had a good plan to carry out for Saturday.

When Grace got there, it didn't take long before we fell in line to watch the movie. Even before writing the review, I can already say that it was one great film that everyone ought to try and see...

.:08 January, 2005, Saturday:.

Saturday was supposedly the day that Grace and I would meet up at her house to go to NBI and get my clearance. Unfortunately, when we got to Taft, we were informed that the clearance center was relocated near Avenida, and the moment we got there, to our horror, we found out that they were closed. That being said, there was about a couple of hours before my dental appointment, so we found the silver lining in the cloud and proceeded to look through the numerous DVD stalls throughout Avenida.

There were some great bargains here and there, as was the case when we found Spirited Away and Grave of the Fireflies in one DVD, for only forty pesos. The whole street was practically a DVD zone, so anyone who wants to try their luck looking for films here and there ought to give Avenida a try. It's open only until January 31, though, so better not waste any time.

After a thorough run-through, all we found was “Naked Weapon/Kill Bill Vol.1”, “The Day After Tomorrow” (Not-so-great copy.), “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (Not-so-great copy.), “Eurotrip/Along Came Polly”, “Spirited Away/Grave of the Fireflies”, “Kill Bill Vol.2” (Not-so-great copy.), “Walking Tall” (Not-so-great copy.), “Collateral” (Not-so-great copy.), Taking Lives (Not-so-great copy.), and “Iron Ladies 2” (Doesn't play.). Some shops still weren't open, and prices vary. The not-so-great copies tend to be cheaper, though, and are still perfectly acceptable for the most part.

Grace and I found a VERY interesting video, though… the title?

Specs Appeal: Girls With Glasses, Vol. 10.

It’s an X-rated video featuring only girls with glasses… interesting.

After my dental appointment, I headed to the Chua residence to meet Kathy. To my amusement, I got there as she was headed out already. She was in the car, so had I made it two minutes later, I would've missed catching her. She was off to meet a friend, Fie (Hope I spelled her name right.), because she wanted to talk to Fie about a few things that she was initially intending to do in reaction to certain stimuli beyond her control .

So when we got to Greenbelt and just sat around Seattle's Best, I ran into Gerald Moscardon, who was actually working with Daph now. So yes, I saw Daph yesterday, and that was the first of a whole bunch of great people I ran into last Saturday, mostly sights for sore eyes. Daph was pretty, as usual... heh.

After some coffee at SBC, Kathy found out that she had to move meeting places with Fie, because some people she was hoping to not run into would be where we were soon enough. We went up to another coffee house in the second floor, I believe, and there I ran into Bev, who was with Ces. Yes, second run-in with Chinese people... Camie also passed by a few moments later, but my fixation was with Ces... heh.

One of the people Kathy was initially avoiding walked past us and then acknowledged Kathy. So much for being covert. The guy was Fie's brother, by the way, so there goes the neighborhood... ah, well.

Shortly afterwards, Fie met up with Kathy, and I was introduced as “Kathy's gay friend.” Nice first impression, Kathy. That's splendid. :P

So there we were, talking about various things, and Kathy was being given some sane advice by Fie about not doing anything rash and playing things by ear. Fie was right, and I was agreeing with her for the most part, though. I really liked the way Fie looked at things, actually. She had a pretty valid point, in my opinion. Nonetheless, Kathy kept on bringing up her need for sanity and all...

Sanity then led her to purchase a whole bunch of DVD's from Makati Cinema Square, while I settled for only one DVD: the Matrix Trilogy compilation. Perfect. I don't need to be bothered with looking for good copies of each.... heh.

After the whole DVD hunting thing, the three of us went back to SBC to finally face the music, so to speak. Daph was still there, so there's a perk with that, as Kathy then tried to get me into trouble by saying how much she heard about Daph through me when I introduced her to Daph... evil woman, always asking me to read her mind rife with five letters... heh.

So I finally got introduced to “Joe” and “Madrigal”, aka Oz and Bunky, two of Kathy's friends through Ching and John. They were playing a guitar and singing, while I was just there looking around, which was the least I can do, all things considered. Fie and Bunky left shortly after Kathy laid out all her cards, and Oz and I found a similar taste in film. He's seen “Everybody Has Secrets”...

Marcelle: That film is so funny! I mean, he scores with all three sisters! The eldest was married... wow. Remind you of anything? Of course, in the film, it was the middle child who was really hot, so the comparisons end there...

Kathy: Shut up, Marcelle.

When we had dinner at the food court, lo and behold, I ran into Daph again. Wow. Talk about sheer luck. I loved it.

In any case, the three of us just kept on having interesting conversations ranging from the infamous “Patrick Allegation” to the “Ladder to Success” to stories about how Kathy's dad values his camera more than his drowning daughter... Oz likes comics, apparently, and is also fond of movies. Works for me. I think Kathy's blessed to have a keeper of a friend like that. Same thing about Bunky and Fie, I suppose.

I got home at midnight already, feeling rather pleased that I did my good deed. Of course, whilst Kathy is worried about people seemingly getting the wrong idea about her all the time, I suppose that's the last thing she'd have to worry about when it comes to me... I have all the right ideas when it comes to her... nyahahhahahhahaha...

.:09 January, 2005, Sunday:.

I was home for most of the day, but one thing about today stands out, really...

Grace and I finally shopped for a Battle Royale DVD. Me so happy about it...

Ichi the Killer is awfully gruesome, by the way... saw a scene where a guy cut off his own tongue, nay, slowly lopped it off... wow...

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