Monday, November 17, 2008

Ang Pamamangka Sa Dalawang Ilog...

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.:The Kapamilya Fair!:.

It was Jay's anniversary that day, but he still went. I hope he pulled out all the stops to make it up to his girlfriend afterwards. Heh.

Anyways, Kel and Jay were seen last Saturday at the Kapamilya Fair in World Trade Center, performing just a simple teaser for their magic and mentalism act, which they will showcase in full force this coming Saturday, at Laughs And Gasps.

It was funny en route to the venue, really. We had to pass through Sta. Mesa, and Jay had to take a turn into one of the motels there, which made me look at him *really* uncomfortably, until he made it clear that it was a shortcut. Heh. As we rushed to get to the venue, we were preparing a few things that we would be showing to the crowds to really grab their attention.

So we met up with Giselle Sanchez, and it was pretty cool, since she was going to talk to them about business, and when she went up there, she did it with a lot of humor and pizazz, and even hyped our act up as “magic na pang-mayaman”, telling the crowd that a “mentalist” is a really posh way of saying “magician”, which amused the crowd and by the time we appeared onstage, we were just playing it off.

We went up there and poked fun at each other, and then segued straight into my Shanghai Shackles routine, which got a lot of laughs. The crowd was really amused by my quick but intriguing display of escapology, and by the end of it, we had the audience in stitches.

Jay followed this up by stopping his heart, and a doctor actually went up onstage to verify that he managed to pull it off. The audience was too stunned to react, until Jay managed to get up, still visibly shaken, and take a bow.

All in all, not a bad effort to promote the show, really. I think the crowd was really entertained, and if all goes well, we've piqued their curiosity enough for them to want to see more.

.:Unang Hirit:.

We got a last-minute call from Unang Hirit yesterday to guest on their program as a pair of mentalists, and I was immensely grateful that for some reason, we were the only mentalists they managed to find on such short notice. This meant that we had a perfect opportunity to promote our show, and Kel and Jay as a tandem, rather than just individuals who both did mentalism. We had that chance before on NBN-4, but now, it was going to be live and on GMA-7, no less.

Jay and I were fetched by the network's service, and we arrived in the studio way earlier than the appointed 6:30AM. Unfortunately, last-minute scriptwriting meant that we were to expect ourselves on TV at 7:00 in the morning, at the earliest, and we even ended up going on air at around 8:00. Nonetheless, it was all good, as we were introduced to the two people who would interview us, Suzy and Lyn Ching. My Beloved was texting me off the bat that it was probably a dream come true for me since I used to have a crush on Lyn Ching.

Having said that, the interview was very brief, mainly about what mentalism is, and how it works, vis-a-vis standard, rudimentary magic. Jay did most of the talking, but when we were asked to demonstrate, I opened with Liquid Metal. The people in the studio were fairly impressed, and Jay only added to the tempo with his Osterlind Breakthrough Cards demonstration. In under eight minutes, we gave them a good handle on what mentalism was about, and even managed to really showcase some of the strongest points of the art form in a hard-hitting, fast-paced manner.

This was a very eventful way to start off the week, no doubt. With our show coming up this Saturday, a TV appearance like this definitely yielded us a lot of good.

We'll put the video up when we manage to upload it to YouTube already...

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