Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zen Is My Friend...

.:Philo Updates...:.

... coming tomorrow. Or Friday. Depends when I'm not super busy.

And yeah, I could be shilling the show and how great it would be right now, but I'm sure the lack of hyperlinks to anything at all in this post might tip you off how serious I am as I write this. That's good. I don't want you to lose sight of that fact.

.:I Am Going To Be Zen...:.

... Because at the end of the day, people know who I truly am, and what I stand for. People know and understand that Laughs And Gasps is a charity event for the benefit of the Giselle Sanchez Foundation, so if anyone takes umbrage to me doing everything I can to make this event a success, not for my own gain but for a foundation's benefit (One that gives out quality education to all those it can reach.), then I cannot help but feel sorry that this is how you view my efforts.

I have been a hard worker in the magic industry: I've given my heart and my all, and for the biggest show of my career thus far, I'm dedicating a show, along with my partner, Jay Mata, to a cause we believe is worth fighting for. When you look at the logistics of this event, if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you be hurt when your efforts are belittled, or worse, misunderstood?

I am by no means the best magician in the industry: I will not make such a boast, when I hold so many of those in the industry in such high esteem. I am merely a person who wishes, that through his talents, he may be able to contribute and give something back to people in the way he knows how best. For this night, I want to entertain people like I always do, but at the same time, I want them to pay forward the enjoyment I give them so that others could find cause for smiles, not just for a night, but hopefully for a lifetime.

I will not tolerate anyone who assumes this is merely an opportunity to grandstand or to capitalize on. When we have thousands upon thousands of children in the Philippines giving up on schooling because of economic difficulties, I'm sure you can understand why I would want to throw my hat into something like this, and count on people's inner goodness to know that this is a cause worth fighting for.

Someday in your life, I hope you find a truly great cause worth fighting for, and fight for it with all your might. I may not be the world's greatest philanthropist, but I am a person who believes that I can make a difference. And I hope that as people who are reading this now, you believe that you can, too.

This isn't for Kel and Jay. Neither is this for Wanlu, or even Giselle Sanchez. This is for the kids.

Because they deserve it.

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