Saturday, November 01, 2008

On High School Musical 3, And The Clear Halloween Event...

.:Non-Spoilery Film Review: High School Musical 3!!!:.

Not as catchy, but still good fun.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year may have been slammed far and wide by a lot of film critics, but you won't be getting that from me. I'm actually listening to some of the songs from the film while typing this entry, and I really can't help but appreciate the movie, as it took the film in the right direction, but it just couldn't churn out any songs that were anywhere nearly as catchy as the songs from the first film.

The story is pretty simple really... senior year. Last chance to win it big for the Wildcats, the prom, graduation, and of course... the Spring Musicale.

I'm always a fan of any excuse for people to randomly burst into song, so I was exceptionally pleased by the songs in this film, although I was a tad disappointed because they don't quite have the songs to match up to the likes of "Breaking Free" and "We're All In This Together", except maybe "Now Or Never", but that's because the song shares much in common with "We're All In This Together". There was a song that sounded suspiciously like "Pop" by N'Sync, and it was all good to hear "The Boys Are Back", even if it had next to nothing to do with the story.

I think what killed the song selection for me was that the songs seemed too overproduced when compared to the first film. Even the second film had some great moments, particularly with "Bet On It" and "I Gotta Go My Own Way", and it's mainly because those songs were the "quiet" songs. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now, and I think that even the love themes were too "noisy", and it didn't have the effect that you got from "Breaking Free" and "Start Of Something New" from the first film, and even the breakup song in this film fell short of "When There Was Me And You" and "I Gotta Go My Own Way".

Despite that, this film had a pretty good story, nice songs and choreography, and even some great character moments for most of the cast, including the cute piano girl who wears glasses (Kelsie), and of course the theater teacher, whose name escapes me at the moment. If you liked the first two films, or if you simply like musicals, I think you should watch this movie. It's good, clean fun, and it's nice to just get lost in the music sometimes...

This is the last time to get it right, this is our last chance to make it our right, we gotta show them what we're all about... this is the last chance to make our mark... this is the last game, so make it count, it's now or never!

.:Clearly Fun:.

Having met a lot of friends at last night's Clear party, I was definitely overjoyed, to say the least. Much thanks to Aileen and Taste Asia for having us bloggers over that night again, and yeah, it was mighty amusing that I finally had a photo op with another guy who has a Bluetooth headphone...

Having said that, it was a load of fun hanging out with friendly friends like Juned, Gail and hubby Mark, Tiffy, Poyt, and even Christa and Meggy, plus a quick run-in with Kring. I even had a mini magic show for Byahilo, among other people.

Pretty fun night, and here's hoping to run into you guys again. :P

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