Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kel And Jay TV Guestings This Coming Week...

.:Unang Hirit, Redux!:.

It was great the first time around, but now, they want us back! As part of the anniversary special for Unang Hirit, Kel and Jay will be back on the show, this time, performing magic instead of mentalism.

For the anniversary special, we plan to do something rather special... maybe even... uplifting. ;)
So if you want to catch Kel and Jay in action, watch them this coming Tuesday, 02 December, 2008, around 6-7 AM on Unang Hirit! (We're unsure of the time, since last time out, we were scheduled at 6:30 AM, but ended up onscreen at around 8:00...)

.:Kel's Street Magic Teach-In, On Myx This Friday...:.

About a week ago, I had a special session for The Hilt, where I had a great street magic session for a small group of people whom I taught the basics of street magic to. I went and explained to them in brief why street magic became all the rage, its advantages and disadvantages, and by the end of the day, I think they all learned a thing or two they can show off to their friends next time.

The awesome thing is, Myx was on hand that day to cover the whole event. While I specifically warned them about showing any actual exposure on the air, they were awesome to share ideas with, and I guess you'll be seeing snippets of what happened that day on Myx this coming Friday evening. I'll let you know what time it is when I find out, but I think the show is entitled, "Where You At?"

Catch you guys around, and you never know, Kel and Jay just might show up again onscreen sooner than you think...

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