Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh, America...

.:One Step Forward, One Step Back...:.

Can't have 'em all, I guess.

While we are (mostly) celebrating the fact that Barack Obama won the U.S. Elections, as a sign of the slow but sure evisceration of not only racial barriers, but barriers to change, we need to be reminded of the step back that the people of California took...

Folks, they voted to TAKE AWAY PEOPLE'S RIGHTS!!!

I don't know about you, but this bigoted, narrow-minded excuse of "protecting marriage" is an insult to anyone who doesn't understand the beauty of love in and by itself.

Love is not merely a means to an end (of procreation)! Love is an end in and by itself. What people do in their bedroom, so long as consensual, so long as within sane laws and standards, should be none of our effing business.

While I rejoice in the victory of Barack Obama, I certainly feel nothing but disappointment that Proposition 8 has passed.

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