Thursday, November 06, 2008

Much Thanks To The People Writing About Laughs And Gasps So Far!

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Several people have been hyping up Laughs And Gasps online lately, and on behalf of Jay, I just wanted to thank them for doing so... we still have some ground to cover for this event, but we are definitely getting there! Just the last sponsorship hump... heh. I'll continually update this post as more people talk about the event...

If you have written about Laughs And Gasps, please let me know!

Markpoa: Not only did Markpoa help out by talking about the show on his blog and on Filcosplay, he actually rewrote one of our press releases, and it's now our standard blurb!

The New Worlds Alliance: Much thanks to the NWA for featuring this event on their site! I've always been indirectly connected to the NWA thanks to Ranulf and Highlander Philippines, so I am definitely grateful to them for this.

Jonas Diego: Thanks, and the "yummy" comment didn't fly over my head, either. Heh. Good times, good times. :P

Nate Marx: One of the few people who refer to me as their "mentor", Nate's excellent writeup left me gobsmacked. The man has a way with words!

Jester: Not only does he hype the big show, he also takes the time out to throw some kind words my way regarding my Axe Dark Temptation escapades... heh.

Azrael: Thanks, Az! Awesome write-up, and I'm glad you're gonna be there, straight from hanging out at Komikon. :P

Christa: One of the coolest people you'll ever meet. Thanks for writing about the event, and hope you can make it!

Shari: Shari is one of the first people I performed magic for. She also scared the Hades out of us when she feigned injury after the infamous swords through head incident in MOA earlier this year... boy, I owe her one. ;)

Jane Chua: I know you're going to beat some people up at URCC on Saturday night, but thanks for taking the time out to help us plug this event! Hehe.

Doc Tess: Doc Tess has been one of the people who has always supported my endeavors when I got into magic. In the blogosphere, it's hard to find someone more appreciative of my magic than her. It's funny, though, because she appreciates magic for its... *other* uses. :P

Jonel: Much thanks for this one! You might say this came as a welcome surprise. :)

Click The City: It's awesome to find our event here... heh.

Wanlu: The Ventrillusionist himself is hyping the event, and he has an excellent comedy skit for adults with his ventriloquist act!

Giselle Sanchez: Of course, Ms. Giselle herself would blog about this event and hype it up, all the same. It still feels surreal knowing we're performing with her on November 22...

And just so you know, we have managed to add another attraction for the night, as the famous Ventrillusionist Wanlu has so graciously taken us up on our offer for him to be a part of this night. He will be there, and yes, he will perform his famous ventriloquism routine!

See you on November 22, guys!

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