Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Hmm... there won't be any classes for Friday, so I guess I'd have to make the Top Five tomorrow...

Nonetheless, I'm just tossing these ideas around. Sort of a mini-character guide for me, regarding the Order of the Grecian Urn story I've been trying to write. I'm hoping for some suggestions from some of you jabronis.

Don Honoratio Veracruz: One of the gatekeepers of this plane. He is the one who organized the Order of the Grecian Urn, and little else is known about him. For a vague ideas on planes and the like, refer to Magic: The Gathering.

Fernando Veracruz: (Yeah, the name sucks, so I need something else to replace it with.) The only son of Honoratio. Carries out the orders of his father.

Charmie dela Cortez: The really cute secretary to Fernando Veracruz. I don't think she has powers. But that might change.

Adrienne Davleon, aka Lady Alpha: She's one half of the de facto leaders of the group. I don't know what powers to give her yet, but I think she should be able to combine her powers with Lady Omega to do some really powerful stuff... student.

Diane Cromwell, aka Lady Omega: The other half. Same thing here. No idea yet. I guess she'd be a student, too. These two will prolly be the youngest of the lot.

Geneva Mae Silverburg, aka Althena: (Methinks I need a better family name/ code name, or something.) She's got a fairly significant history with one of the male members of the Order... something about unrequited love, or conversely, they could be together... I guess she could have powers similar to Psylocke's Psi-Knife... Oh. She wears glasses. ;) She's a college graduate, and prolly in advertising...

Sandra Jane Chan, aka Keltrice: (Yes. A better code name is needed. I so wanted them to be like Sailor Moon, where evryone had "Lady" at the start, but I ran out of cool words other than Supreme and Ultima...) Patterned after someone I know (A lot more than anyone else in this novel, I guess.), she's the brains of the operation... Internet savvy, Linux, Binary, whatever other computer stuff, name it, she's got it... prolly a resident psychic/psionic... oh. She wears glasses, too. ;) She's a tech consultant.

Fiona Kirk, aka Triona: (YES! A code name change is in order!) Just a temporary character who may or may not make the cut... I'm figuring she'd be like the Flash, or perhaps, an elemental. If it pushes through, she'll be Tyrone's co-DJ...

Cyril Charles Cedric Chester (+ a few more C names, perhaps?) Calloway, aka Nihil: (No, I like this name. I don't think I'd change it.) He'd be a biclops if he were the leader of the group, but no... he's more than that. Looonnngg history with Geneva, and he's arguably the strongest in the group. He doesn't have many other powers, though... not if it's not triggerred. Expect him to be the punch-happy guy with energy-laden fists, or something. Messatsu and Orochi blood is not far off, but I may discard this idea. Since this is my self-portrait to a large extent, expect some friction between certain types of people in the story... ;)

Tyrone Mendrick, aka Maximus: (Name/code name subject to change) The other guy in the order. Playboy type. I'll leave some other details out, but he's a martial artist, a disk jockey, and his powers involve a lot of thinking over. I've no idea yet.

I'll stop here. I've no idea how to describe the main villain yet...

Input? Ideas? Hope this has proved to be a fun read!

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