Monday, December 16, 2002

After a full week of ranting and actually missing out on writing a shiny new Top Five, I decided to do a weeklong Top Five in anticipation of the holidays. I won't guarantee a rant-free week, but at least they'd be in separate posts. After all, the so-called Christmas Spirit hasn't flaunted its power upon me yet. I mean, just why is the focus so much on Santa Claus? Well, this will hopefully be a positive spin on me (Bah Gawd, I need one!)... so without further ado...

The Top 5 People Marcelle Is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

5: Maia! I've known Maia for only a couple of months, but she's been such a wonderful person in the short time I've known her. Always witty, extremely smart, never at a loss for words, and gifted with extraordinary *ahem* charms, Maia is bound to go a long way. One can say that she's one of the best friends you could ever have, but don't you even dare get on her bad side. Not only will she give you a hellacious time in return, but her friends/groupies/fans will all be at your throat all the same! She's the kind of person who leaves such an indelible mark on you and can make you both humble and proud at the same time. Humble at the thought that there is such a great person like her, and proud because that great person is someone you can call a friend.

Maia also got me into this blogging thing, so you can tell how great that really is to me, that I'd actually be able to blog out my feelings without having to force-feed my negative energy on anyone... :)

I'm glad to be your friend. Thanks, Maia... have a merry Christmas, and enjoy! :)

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