Friday, December 13, 2002

Will the wonders ever cease, Marcelle? You go out of the library after your last post, with all these dark, gloomy thoughts in your head. You go to Centerpoint to play some King of Fighters 2K1, and after all of that, what happens? You get ganged upon for your troubles! Dammit, how pathetic can life get for you? To get your mind off OB and the trouble, you go there. Then, a reprisal beating for what you did to one of the faggots there last week hit you from out of nowhere.

Sure, they were cowards. They needed numbers AND a sneak attack to get a decent blow in you... if you can even call it decent. But you? You didn't even fight back? You just smiled and walked away? Marcelle, that was plain stupid. Don't go telling me you were too depressed to act. You should've acted. You should've shown them that you can do that and get away with it had you wanted to. But no... you just smiled at them and walked away. I mean, isn't that dumb? You think they'd be afraid of you next time around? Chances are, they wouldn't! Or is this part of your plan to actually get yourself into more trouble by fighting them AGAIN? That, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is pretty dumb. As Abby once said, you sure are a trouble magnet.

And what next? Yipee... you're back as a Rusher? A Rusher? And since when were you wholeheartedly accepted as one, anyway? Wherever you go, Marcelle, you seem to have that sign on your head that says "I'm an irritating nitwit." And sure enough, people read that sign! Take your high school, your block, OB, your CCG group, and even the Rushers once again as history telling you that you're not just going to change, Marcelle. You'll still be as pathetic as ever.

Guess what? When you went back there to be a Rusher, who's there? Yeah... WHO'S THERE? Isn't there some degree of irony in your return to their fold? Don't you think there're some loose ends you'd have to tie up? Honestly, if you make the mistake of not fixing it, you'll get the same result you got from OB just this week... perhaps worse. These people have known you longer.

In the end, Marcelle, you just ought to be thankful your girlfriend is the most wonderful human being who could ever put up with you. After three years and a month of you, it's a miracle she's still there for you. It's a miracle that she understands what in Hades you're going through at this point because frankly, I don't see much anyone else seeing things the same way.

Just be thankful. Count the blessing/s you still have, Marcelle. Just keep on having a reason to live, and maybe, just maybe, your life would be a little less pathetic than it always has been.

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