Tuesday, December 17, 2002

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The Top 5 People Marcelle Is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

4:Elvin, Ato, Cyril, and the rest of Calf Up! These people have been the only people in my entire life whom I can wholeheartedly consider as my barkada. Of course, being a loner kind of pushes me in that direction, but that's digressing. I put them together because not only will none of them be probably able to read this, but at the same time, they're people who I am happy being with. Of course, there are a few others in the Calf Up, such as Chinese ProspectTM Number 2, Kendra, and Rob, so kudos to them, all the same.

Elvin, of course, is one of the guys I owe big time this year. He has educated me on the finer points on dining (READ: Aling Banang's!!!), and he introduced me to Aling Banang's. Did I mention that he showed me where Aling Banang's is and how good it is? Yes, I was repeating myself, but something THAT good deserves repeating... :)

Ato and Cyril, on the other hand, are the people I would rely on for advice the soonest in school. One's a biology major, the other's a pre-div major. But the quality of their advice has absolutely nothing to do with that. All I can say about these guys would be the fact that they're one of the few people I can really count on. Be it good times or bad, you can be sure they'll be around.

Thanks, guys. I couldn't have chosen a better barkada than you.

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