Thursday, December 12, 2002

So where do we go from here, Marcelle?

I look at you, Marcelle, and I see a pathetic excuse for a human being. Just look at yourself. May mukha ka pa bang ihaharap sa OB? I mean, honestly. What made you think for one moment that things wouldn't explode like this? You had your chance to shut up, and you didn't take it. Now, even if you weren't to be warned or banned, it sure looks like your pride will not let you darken the doorstep of Otaku Boards again. If in case you actually make the mistake of showing up back there, what next? People are angry at you. The people who run the site are rightfully angry at you, regardless of your denials. People you trusted, people you counted on, all magically turned their backs on you. That's probably because you're not worth it. You never were worth it.

So where are all your so-called OB friends, huh? Did they just leave you to die for your atrocities? Oh, wait... one of them actually wants you dead! And what of the time you said you'd never let that person know your problem? Did you stick to that all the same? Either you did, and you were really stupid to get to this point, or you simply didn't. Either way, you're screwed, boy. You've absolutely no idea what you got yourself into, and whatever you do next, you're damned.

I frankly don't care whether you're telling the truth or you're lying. I frankly don't care whether you were wrenched out of context or not. What bothers me about you, is the fact that you still have so much as an inkling to stay there. There? Where each and every move you make is now going to be very monitored? There? Where one of your so-called friends actually wants you dead? There? Where you're not entitled to your own interpretation? Why? What's there for you to come back to? Your OB friends? Where the bloody Hades are they?!? Are they within the background, just waiting to defend you? Defend you? For what? For making a fool of yourself? What's there to defend?

Oh, are there some of them who still stand by you? Well, where are they? And why the bloody Hades are you looking like there's still anything to live for? It's not like your family life, or your school life, for that matter, is any better. You're the bloody black sheep. You're the frigging perrennial loner. You're an all-time loser!

Tanungin mo lang sarili mo, Marcelle. Kapag bumalik ka doon, ano ang babalikan mo?

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