Wednesday, December 04, 2002

OB is not working right now, so I feel pretty cut off for the moment... right now, I have bigger worries....

(The following is an in-character post.)

Marcelle is the Tournament Organizer of RAW Deal in the Philippines, hence, all prize support goes to him. They send prize support via snail mail, and lately, his biggest worry is that he hasn't received any belts in quite a while. There are only two things that could cause this: the stupid postal system, or his parents.

If it's the postal system, then what can he do? But if it happens to be his parents, then we have a quandary here.How can he prove it? You see, they hate playing cards. They thought Magic was occult, and they hate Wrestling. RAW Deal is a wrestling card game. Those are two things they hate right off the bat. Thus, knowing how covert they can sometimes be, Marcelle wouldn't hold it above them to tell the maids to actually intercept THE MAIL. Marcelle hasn't received belts in nearly three months. He's supposed to receive belts once a month. Worse, the commissioner of Comic Images (The company that makes RAW Deal.) isn't exactly tolerant of these occurences. Now that's quite a problem. How does he find out if they've been intercepting his mail without risking their ire? How does he prove it? Dagnabit.

Secondly, ever had writer's block? Despite working on some drawings to get started, that's exactly the problem Marcelle is going through right now with the novel he's been trying to write for years... it's so sad, because the storyline in his head seems to look really good... hopefully, he can get another blog going SOLELY for the novel...

(End of IC post... time to go OOC again.)

Anyways, ideas?

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