Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Let's bypass the long talk between me and my Philo Prof. Not tha it wasn't important, but I think I'd rather focus my energies on giving the right people the rub (A wrestling term for "A shot in the arm".)...

The Top 5 People Marcelle is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

3: Mich! My blockmate for the past two years, and one of my favorite people there. She, like Maia, would fall under the writer type. Unlike Maia, however, Mich is most likely going to be one of the top journalists in the near future. She's an achiever by nature, but at least, she's still fairly laid back in comparison to most other achievers.

Yes, she is a great friend. But I think that her most astounding characteristic is the fact that she is one of the strongest people in the face of adversity I have ever met. I can't help but respect how she manages to still be there for you as a friend, even when to most other people, what she would be going through at the time would cause them to completely break down. I know I've been fairly demanding to her as a friend in that respect, but I'm glad that she lets me return the favor when it's my turn to cheer her up when she's down. Rarely do I get to do that for someone, and I sincerely relish it. I hope she appreciates this blog, because she's been hearing me rant a lot less since the time I started writing here, but... that's digressing. :)

I hope that this Christmas, she'd have a truly merry time. With the knowledge that there's a friend as great as she is in my life, I'm pretty certain I would. :)

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