Friday, September 05, 2003

After all the stress yesterday due to our thesis (Which I suppose we can't change anymore. I sooo wanted to do a blog thesis.), all the good luck in the world suddenly decided to fall on my lap, one after the other. I can't complain about yesterday, I suppose, and seeing how it's highly likely that we still beat our thesis deadline, I think I'm in fairly good hands at this point.

Grace and I were supposed to meet at SM Megamall, where we would go to the book fair and look for certain books by a certain author. But lo and behold, Harry Potter 5 was staring right in front of us, only at 850 pesos. How could I not bring myself to pick a copy up for Grace, right? So I did. And she was elated. At least I didn't have to shell out 3,000 bucks for a decent ticket to that silly F2 concert that doesn't even have Grace's favorite member (Jerry Yan.)... but dang, there goes my shot at seeing Barbie Xu. But didn't I say this was my lucky day? Something just HAD to happen to completely overshadow that...

Brad Turvey called me.

Big deal, right? Unless if I really had the hots for him (And I certainly don't. He's not even Chinese, much less a girl. Heh.), then that shouldn't mean much to him. But of course, you remember that we spoke to one another last Saturday in the booth, right?

Well, one of the topics we touched upon was about "hot celebrities". I gave a flurry of local names, such as Angelu De Leon. He suggested Tanya Garcia, but bah Gawd, she's my third cousin. He then insinuated I had incestual fantasies about her, and proceeded to illustrate what he meant all too graphically. I immediately changed the topic and suggested Lucy Liu, though she wasn't local. Then I mentioned Pia Guanio as well.

Moving on, Brad texted me earlier that he had something for me. It was funny because he's already calling me by my RX codename, Ertai. Anyways, he then called me after a while, and we talked...

Brad: Hello, Marcelle? I have something for you. Hold on a while.

Unknown Girl's Voice: Hi, Marcelle! I'm glad I finally got to talk to you!

Marcelle: Uh... hi.

UGV: Brad's been saying a lot about you lately, and I think you sound interesting. I hope we could get to know each other better and hook up one of these days.

Marcelle: Sounds nice.

UGV: So there. I'm glad I finally got to hear from you. Brad's been singing your praises.

Marcelle: (Stupid thing to say, neh? ) Uh... what's your name again?

UGV: PIA. Well, I hope to see you soon in the station or something, okay? Anyways...

I can't believe I just spoke to Pia Guanio, and all I could tell her was, "What's your name again?"

After that, Grace and I ended up watching 2 Fast 2 Furious, as it was an RX event, and of course, sir David just HAD to have extra tickets to spare. Fun movie, maybe worth a B.

But the luck didn't end there. Grace and I ran into Raymond, who gave us a ride that left us both closer to home. With all the good luck, I had to go and talk to Maia about it. And she was wearing glasses again.

Dang, I think I lucked out yesterday. It's hard to imagine this to keep up, but I'll just shut up and enjoy it for now. :)

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