Thursday, September 11, 2003

I still got into the third round of the ADS varsity accreditations. The first debate on having the U.S. leave the Israel-Palestine conflict alone and turn it over to the U.N. instead was a very shaky debate because the Prime Minister clearly did not know how to debate. He not only couldn't project his voice, he actually just talked to a wall for two to four minutes. Pretty ruddy short speech, really, and that was his downfall.

Second round was better for me. I think I did really well there, because it was about banning homosexuals from joining the military infantry, which I went against. It was easy to defend my side, really. How could they ban a category (homsoexuals) that they couldn't even properly define, much less identify? They assume that homosexuality will manifest itself eventually, but that in itself is dubious, and even if we were to assume that, what do straight people have that homosexuals don't? There's nothing in them that can actually tell any of us that they're not fit for combat, if they pass the physical and psychological tests that the military will naturally subject them to.

Ah, well...

Let's hope I do get in. Finally.

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