Monday, November 01, 2004

.:My Current LSS:.

Hari Ng Sablay
by Sugarfree

Please lang wag kang magulat
Kung bigla akong magkalat
Mula pa nung pagkabata
Mistula nang tanga
San-san nadadapa, san-san bumabangga
Ang puso kong kawawa, may pag-asa pa ba?

Ooh, ayoko nang mag-sorry
Sawa na ko mag sisi
Pasensya ka na, mabilis lang ako mataranta

Ako ang hari ng sablay, ako ang hari ng sablay
Hinding-hindi makasabay
Sabay sa hangin ng aking buhay
Hari ng sablay, ako ang hari ng sablay

Ako ang hari, ako ang hari
Isang tama, sampung mali
Ganyan ako pumili
Di na mababawi ng puso kong sawi
Daig pa ang telenovela
Kung ako ay madrama
Ganyan ba talaga, guhit ng tadhana?

Ooh, ayoko nang mag-sorry
Sawa na ko mag sisi
Pasensya ka na, mabilis lang ako mataranta

Ako ang hari ng sablay, ako ang hari ng sablay
Hinding hindi makasabay
Sabay sa hangin ng aking buhay
Hari ng sablay, ako ang hari ng sablay
Ako ang hari, ako ang hari

.:A Nice Run-In:.

Managed to run into Lovesenshi and Vash last Friday in Galleria, and I even got to play a few L5R games with Vash, which saw me win the first two and then lose the last one. In any case, it was enjoyable, and I was glad that things turned out the way they did for me... I was exceedingly pleased with that whole deal, really...

.:Strange Encounters:.

As I was mostly helping out last Friday in school, what happened during the WAVE party certainly proved to be interesting, nevertheless...

Strange Encounters was a great party, although the film showing of LOTR: ROTK was not the most appropriate film to show given our context. Still, I was fairly happy with how things turned out for the most part... needless to say, the whole night was filled with exciting stuff, as I ended up being one of the hosts during the show proper itself, which was pretty amusing, as I was mostly exchanging zingers with the people there...

Grace was having fun throughout the night, as we had this little competition wherein we name one song at a time each with a title consisting of only one word. It's already Saturday night as I write this, and we're still not finished... heh.

Then, there was a costume contest, where the winner came as a walking corpse that looked really convincing. There were weird entries, though. One came as a Nazghul, and another came as a robot. There were two Mulawin as well... they actually look like Ravena though.

Moreover, I figure that the most amusing development throughout the whole deal was the dj's themselves... Anne was in a fairy outfit, Robi actually smokes, and I finally met Erik Mana for the first time. The guy doesn't look the way he sounds, but he's still one hellacious magician.

First, he performed the requisite card tricks, which I could mostly figure out anyways. However, the moment he started doing other tricks, that's when I got pretty amazed... chief among the tricks he did was the psychic reading wherein he asked a guy to write something, then a girl to draw something. After much banter and fanfare, he accurately revealed what the guy wrote and what the girl drew. It was simply splendid. Even more interestingly, he predicted quite well what the girl would come up with (She had a 50/50 chance of giving the drawing or the writing.), and then he managed to write something on a piece of paper before he ended up revealing that the sheet of paper he didn't burn contained an arrow, and so did the picture he was drawing...

Some other mental tricks were done, although that was mostly done via a code between him and his other co-magician. The last trick was impressive, though: he got a 100-peso bill, turned it into 20 bucks, turned it back to 100, tore a corner of it, then burned the rest of the bill in an envelope. Soon enough, he got a cigarette, lit it, smoked a bit, put out the cig, then asked the girl who gave the 100 bucks to him to rip the cigarette apart. Lo and behold, a torn 100-peso bill was in the cigarette... it was amazing...

.:Stroke Of Luck:.

Grace and I went to my dermatologist and had the same painful treatment for a second time. The luck came when Grace thought she lost her expensive watch and bracelet somewhere in the mall while we were both thinking of songs with single-word titles. Lo and behold, when she got back home, the said “missing” items were sitting snugly on her bed. She never took them out of the house. Boy, was that luck. :)

.:The Challenge:.

Grace and I had a running challenge since last Friday night, which was all about who could name the most song titles with only one word.

Throughout that night, we were running off song titles one after the other. Some notable things about that:

– It came to a point where we were using church songs already. Amen, Alleluia, Hosanna, Holy all were thrown into the fray
– At one point, Grace attempted using different songs with the same song titles. She immediately dropped that gameplan when I started using five different versions of Amen.
– I ended up calling a friend just to get the title of the song because I had no idea. We also used the internet and looked at albums in a record shop to get more song titles.
– When I thought it was over, the first thing she said to me on Saturday was yet another song title... we even texted song titles in bulk back and forth...
– We ended up trying to pass off various songs as songs with one-word titles. It was hilarious how we were trying to dupe one another... heh.
– Thor, an R and B artist, was performing onstage during the Halloween party. What was funny was shortly in the middle of his performance, he asks the audience, “Have you guys heard this song of mine called 'Wonderland'?” It was my turn to name a song, and Grace was cursing Thor from that moment on. ;)

Oh, well. It's not yet finished... heh.


Finally got to spin again. It was Peppy, myself, Kathy, Krisette, and Hrbs. It was raining quite a bit in Eastwood that night, but nonetheless, it wasn't so bad. I missed this quite a bit...

.:The Gamecon:.

I am too lazy to do a tournament report, but needless to say, I did fairly decently in the L5R tournament, although I figure it would've been great to have made it into the Top 16. Oh, well. Still, I made a pretty good effort, to say the least. My Box of Greed pulls weren't too stellar, though.

The Magic vintage tournament was likewise... interesting. There were only eight players, and I figure I could've done really well if I joined it. Then again, I didn't have the will to go through two tournaments in a day...

There weren't any interesting cosplayers worth the time of posing for a picture with. For instance, the one who won by coming as Bayushi Kachiko, didn't really catch my eye. There were a bunch of angels who seemed to be Mulawin to most everyone else. Other than the males who came as either Orcs or Ring Wraiths, the only interesting cosplayers were...

I should've brought my belt and posed as the Rock...

Yes, that's April as Arwen, and Robert as Aragorn. Interesting, neh? She was surprised to have seen me, but she realized she was most likely going to run into me the moment she realized there were cards in the venue...

Some time in the event, though, one of my students approached me and thanked me for giving her a good grade during the oral examinations. Oh, well. That was her own doing. Not mine. =)

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