Monday, November 29, 2004

.:Vindication, Part V:.

Author's Note: The characters depicted in this story are all copyright of the WWE. The storylines depicted are not necessarily reflective of the current storylines of the WWE.

Previously, John Cena and Chris Benoit have been slated to face off with Booker T and Rene Dupree on Smackdown after having gotten involved in a confrontation in RAW with Booker and Evolution. Chris Benoit was slated to have a title match against HHH, only to have it end in a non-contest and a severe three-on-one beatdown of Benoit, as Cena was sent out of the building at the behest of Eric Bischoff.

Chris Benoit is having second thoughts about still going for the Smackdown Title, though. He is not only standing to lose his RAW Title, he is also possibly losing his good friend, John Cena. If they win tonight’s tag team match, they move on to face each other for the vacant Smackdown Title.

Josh Matthews: I'm backstage here with Chris Benoit right now, here on Smackdown. Last Monday night, we saw him wrestle HHH to a no-contest on RAW, and end up getting a severe beatdown at the hands of Evolution. Tonight, he will be wrestling with John Cena in a tag team match against Booker T and Kurt Angle to determine the final two contenders for the vacant WWE Championship. Kurt Angle has made it to this level in the tournament in lieu of Rene Dupree, whom he defeated in a match earlier tonight.

Chris Benoit: All that talk, and still no questions for me?

Josh Matthews: Well, Chris, I just wanted to ask what everyone else must want to know: are you a hundred percent tonight? And are you apprehensive over having to potentially wrestle John Cena next week on Smackdown in case you win this tag match? He's one of your closest friends, after all.

Chris Benoit: It's beside the point if I'm a hundred percent or not tonight, Josh. All that's important is that Booker and Angle get it into their skulls that I'm still the World Heavyweight Champion, and that should remind them who's the top guy in the company today.

Josh Matthews: True, but even then...

Booker T: Whoah, whoah, whoah! You're really talking some smack right now, aren't you? Well, I hope your punk-@$$ can cash that check your mouth wrote for yourself when I get you in the ring tonight, sucka!

Chris Benoit and Booker T stare each other down before Booker backs away and leaves Benoit behind. Their match is next, and Benoit makes his way to the ring already.

In the arena, Booker T and Angle are already in the ring. Chris Benoit's music plays, and the crowd are on their feet for the World Heavyweight Champion. He walks towards the rampway and stares Booker and Angle down.

Michael Cole: It's amazing how popular Chris Benoit is, and it's amazing how he's still here on Smackdown, despite being a RAW superstar.

Tazz: Only goes to show that Smackdown is really where the people want to be seen at. And yeah, John Cena's coming next!

As John Cena's music plays, he saunters into the ring holding a microphone. Looks like he wants to start with a rap before anything else.

John Cena: A'ight, a'ight. Chill. Kurt Angle and Booker T're both in the ring tonight. They think they're going to put on one hell of a fight.

The crowd boo heavily at the mention of Angle and Booker. John Cena cracks into a smile and continues.

John Cena: But you know what? They're not gonna stand a chance when Chris and I get in that ring. They're gonna go down for the count faster than a summer Trish Stratus fling.

Tazz: Cena's pushing some buttons here even before the match begins, Cole!

John Cena: Angle and Booker, you guys really go together. Booker's all antsy 'cause his hair got caught in the blender. Angle likes to make a lot of noise. He's touched down everything, even little boys. Oh it's true, it's true.

Tazz: Look at Angle! He looks livid!

John Cena: You guys go well together 'cause your both really sick. You're not out for the title, you just want to go lick some...

John Cena points the mic to the audience and lets them complete the rhyme for him.

Michael Cole: I can tell neither Angle nor Booker are amused about this. The question for tonight, though, is whether or not Angle is all fine tonight after having wrestled a grueling match against Renee Dupree earlier this evening, and whether or not Benoit is a hundred percent, given the beating he received at the hands of Evolution last Monday night.

Tazz: You got that right, Cole! The bell is rung, and we're off to the races!

Michael Cole: Cena and Angle start the match off for their respective teams and start with a collar and elbow lockup. Angle uses his amateur background to turn it into a ground fireman's carryover. Angle scores the first knockdown in the match!

Tazz: You think these four guys can work with their respective teammates well enough tonight? I mean, whoever wins this match will face off against each other next week for the title!

Michael Cole: I know what you mean, Tazz. I think that's the least of their worries right now, though. Oh, wow! Angle got an armdrag on Cena, and it looks like Angle is working on Cena's arm here. That's interesting.

Tazz: I like to see submissions here. I love it when a guy taps out.

Michael Cole: Cena gets on his feet and whips Angle to the ropes. Angle tries a clothesline, and Cena ducks it!

Tazz: Cena lays on a bunch of rights and lefts! Wow! He's really fired up tonight!

Michael Cole: Cena's got the advantage now, but Angle counters a punch into a wristlock. The Doctor of Thuganomics reverses the hold!

Tazz: Cena and Angle have had a long history with one another. I mean, Cena's first match here on Smackdown was against Angle!

Michael Cole: That's right, Tazz. And now, Cena makes the tag to Benoit, who wrenches Angle's arm around. I think he's setting Angle up to make him tap to the Crossface the moment he hits it on Angle.

Tazz: No duh, Cole. Isn't that the way to do it anyways?

Michael Cole: Benoit whips Angle to the ropes, but Angle reverses. Whoah! Nice overhead belly to belly suplex from Angle to Benoit.

Tazz: Man, Benoit doesn't look so fresh in the ring now.

Michael Cole: You're the master of the obvious, Tazz. Benoit struggles to get to his feet, and Angle throws a couple of punches at Benoit. Benoit uses a knee to Angle's gut, and Angle responds with an Irish Whip. Benoit hits the ropes, but holds onto it, and Angle whiffs a dropkick! Oh, wow!

Tazz: Wow is right! Benoit is using this opportunity to lock in the Sharpshooter. Angle thinks quickly and grabs the ropes before anything can happen, though.

Michael Cole: Benoit hits a couple of stiff chops to Angle's chest, and kicks him in the gut. DDT! Benoit goes for the cover, one, no! Not even a two-count there!

Tazz: It's too early in the match for that, Cole. Benoit picks up Angle again, and Angle pushes Benoit towards the referee! The referee was blinded for a moment, and Angle hits the mother of low blows on Benoit! Looks like Benoit would've wanted to lose another tooth instead of get hit with that, Cole!

Michael Cole: With a dirty trick like that, the tide has quickly turned, and Angle makes the tag to Booker T, who works on Benoit. The referee is too busy with the match to notice Angle is crossing the other side of the ring, and he's now taunting John Cena!

Tazz: Chris gets whipped into Cena! Cena didn't see that it was an accident, and he looks angry!

Michael Cole: Uh-oh. I think he's thinking Benoit wanted to soften him up for tonight, as well. And he steps down from the apron! He's walked out on Benoit! Benoit's bewildered now.

Tazz: Angle tosses a chair into the ring behind the referee! What's wrong with Brian Hebner? Is he blind?

Michael Cole: Here it comes. Angle's distracting the ref now, and Booker goes for the chair. Bam! The chair connects, and Benoit is down!

Tazz: Wait a minute!

Michael Cole: That wasn't the smartest move there, was it? The referee turned around in time to see the chair shot happen, and he promptly disqualifies Booker and Angle! Looks like Cena and Benoit are going to fight for the title next week!

Tazz: Angle is beside himself! Look at him confront Booker now, and look at Benoit standing between them. This doesn't look good...

Michael Cole: I felt robbed with that match, Tazz. It wasn't supposed to be that way. John Cena got ticked off at his partner and walked out of the arena, but Benoit won the match via DQ on his own! And now, the three get into a three-way brawl!

Tazz: But wait! John Cena's back! And he's got a steel chair! Booker and Angle bail from the ring!

Michael Cole: John Cena and Benoit stare each other down, and Benoit accosts Cena for walking out on him. Oh, this is bad. This looks like a fatal miscommunication.

Tazz: Looks like Cena's had enough talk for the night! He blasted the Rabid Wolverine with a sick chair shot to the face!

Michael Cole: Come on! This shouldn't be happening!

Tazz: But it is, Cole! Look at Cena, he's locking on the crossface to Benoit! Refs are getting into the ring to separate the two guys. This is way too much!

All of a sudden, a familiar music plays.

Michael Cole: This is even yet another surprise for the night! The chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, is now in the arena!

Vince McMahon: Enough! I'm not going to let this continue! This match is over! John Cena, since you seem to want to use the Crossface so much, I'm going to make this a first to tap out match for next Thursday!

Michael Cole: Cena's asking for a mic. So's Benoit.

John Cena: Sure, Vince. I'm cool with that. Maybe next week, Benoit wouldn't have to hit me from behind anymore like he did tonight.

Chris Benoit: You know what, John? I'm sick of this, and my World Heavyweight Title means a lot more to me right now than ruining my friendship with you over the Smackdown Title. If you want it so much, you can have it. I'm not too keen on losing the World Heavyweight Title without a fight, so I'm dropping out of this tournament.

Tazz: I can't believe this! The audience can't believe this either. Benoit's backing down from a challenge?

Vince McMahon: Who do you think you're kidding, Benoit? In case you've forgotten, I'm the boss here! I'll make this an incentive to you: if you win next Thursday night, you won't have to give up your World Heavyweight Title. You'll end up as an Undisputed Champion.

Chris Benoit: I don't care anymore, Vince. I don't want this match to happen.

Vince McMahon: You will have that match next week, Chris. Or else, you're fired!!!

Chris Benoit: So you're threatening to fire me if I don't fight Cena next Thursday?

Vince McMahon: You're damned right I am.

Tazz: What an interesting development here! Looks like Benoit's being forced to a match that he no longer wants any part of! Man, what a chicken!

Michael Cole: I don't think it's about him being a coward, Tazz. I think he really doesn't want to jeopardize his friendship with John Cena.

Tazz: It's the WWE Title! Come on! Every man for himself!

To be concluded...

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