Wednesday, November 03, 2004

.:Today's LSS... A Less Depressing Song:.

Better Days
by Diane Reeves

Silver grey hair
Neatly combed in place
There were four generations
Of love on her face
She was so wise
No surprise passed her eyes
She's seen it all

I was a child, oh
About three or four
All day I'd ask questions
At night I'd ask more
But whenever, she never
Would ever turn me away
No, no oh woah

I'd say how can I be sure
What is right or wrong
And why does
What I want
Always take so long
Please tell me
Where does God live
And why won't
He talk to me

I'd say Grandma
What is love
Will I ever find out
Why are we so poor
What is life about
I wanna know the answers
Before I fall off to sleep
Woah ho woah ho

She saw the smile
As she tucked me in
Then she pulled up that
Old rockin' chair once again
But tonight she was
Slightly, remarkably
Different somehow

Slowly she rocked
Lookin' half asleep
Grandma yawned
As she stretched
Then she started to speak
What she told me
Would mould me and hold me
Together inside
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She said all the things you ask
You will know someday
But you have got to live
In a patient way
God put us here by fate
And by fate that means
Better days

She said, child we are all
Moons in the dark of night
Ain't no mornings gonna come
Till the time is right
Can't get no better days lest
You make it through the night
You gotta make it
Through the night
Yes you do

You can't get to no
Better days
Unless you make it
Through the night (baby)
Oh ho, you will see
Those better days
But you gotta be patient
Be patient, oh baby
Be patient

Later that year at
The turn of spring
Heaven sent angels down
And gave Grandma her wings
Now, she's flyin'
And slidin', and glidin'
In better days

And although
I'm all grown up
I still get confused
I stumble through the dark
Getting bumped and bruised
When night gets in my way
I could still hear
My Grandma say
I can hear her say
I can hear her sayin'

You can't get to no
Better days
Unless you make it
Through the night (baby)
Oh ho, you will see
Those better days
But you gotta be patient
Child, do you hear me, yeah
Well, well, well, well
You can't get to no, no
Better days
Unless you make it
You got to make it
You got to make it
Through the night

Oh Grandma, oh Grandma
Do you see me now, lady
Oh oh oh oh oh


Not much happened to me for yesterday, save for the fact that I was mostly... busy with radio work.

I had a nice chat with a listener for yesterday, actually. She was more or less spot on in telling me that while I'm secretive and try my best to be a private person, my real self invariably becomes manifest in my “literary” attempts, so to speak. I figure she got that much right... very perceptive of her, to say the least.

After a long day and a 10-win streak in Capcom vs. SNK, I then proceeded to Grace's house, where I got a wonderful massage for my trouble. I'm very grateful for that, as it was the perfect way to cap off what was a rather stressful day... oh, well. It was all good, really. I'm just happy that most of the stuff I have to deal with is over and done with, and today, the new semester begins. I hope I manage to do things well enough for me to actually go through things with little trouble.

When I got home, I was surprised as my mom was having a party with her friends. In any case, I had a chocolate overload shortly afterwards with a chocolate cake and then a chocolate mousse cake one after the other. It was great, and I'm sure some people I know of wish they had this kind of a sugar rush...

.:Business Opportunity?:.

A friend of mine who used to play RAW Deal has this “business opportunity” for me. While I like the sound of that, I'm also wary of it for the most part, considering how I have this sinking feeling that we're going to end up seeing yet another two hours of a networking scheme again... gawd, if this is another one of those networks, I'd definitely get ticked off...

Otherwise, I still want to figure out the catch... there's got to be one... call me cynical, but that's the way it really is.

.:First Day:.

First day of classes, and Fr. Ferriols uses the whole hour to orient himself with the students. It's all good, though, and he still cracks the same jokes... heh.

I was sleepy and all, but I was seated behind someone who looked like a friend of mine from behind. I had to double take before recalling that my friend is definitely going to be anywhere but ADMU... heh. She's prolly turning Japanese somewhere...

Afterwards, I just went straight to work already. Not much, really, but I granted a request from Mr. Bulaong for Julia Fordham's "Invisible War". Of course, I'd gladly do that... heh. Waveback Wednesday with me in charge is soooo fun. =)

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