Tuesday, November 23, 2004

.:Today's Class:.

Oh, well. It was funny, to say the least, how one of the students seemed to have had a grand time saying over and over again that the couple involved in one of the moral dilemmas in class was nothing but a "lustful" pair. It got even more interesting since she was talking in the vernacular, and you just know how very graphic the word "lustful" can be in Filipino...

Still, the class was very much alive today. and I still have my perks at work, in some respect... if you know what I mean.

.:Now I Know...:.

... Exactly why people outside of Magic believe that Magic players are the most asinine and annoying players around.

It's hard to be judged over picking up a “bad idea” when it actually works, anyways. 'Sides, if I manage to get my hands on a bit of power, I'd like to see them tell me that the deck won't work. I only need a couple of pieces of power, and I'd be good to go already...

At the same time, being called on “talking trash” is a bit of a stretch when you're joking around with your friend. That is certainly far from “trash talk”.

That's just too bad, really. It gets me rather ticked off, though, because they seem to be fond of talking smack about me and yet don't even know me well enough to judge me just like that.

And NO, Doomsday doesn't die to a single Counterspell. With twelve effing pieces of disruption, four more than TPS and eight more than Death Long pre-board, you're looking at a deck that goes off only when it's sure that it can. If you don't understand that concept, then you sure as Hades are playing the deck wrong. A Doomsday player may die because he didn’t eliminate all the permission from your hand, but he certainly wouldn’t die from going all-in so blindly as you assume he would.

A Quatraine by Macelle T. Fabie

The green-eyed monster called jealousy,
The crimson mask of unbridled fury
A sea of turmoil; a discordant cacophony
Emotions that trample over rationality

I revile this path to which I've been thrown
I abhor the only way to be I've ever known
The highest of highs, the lowest of lows
I'd gladly trade in for endless plateaus

Happiness and Sadness toss me to and fro
The feeling intoxicates me, blinds me so
A wretched existence, accursed loneliness
My life is a pitiful hostage, under duress

I wish to be rid of this infernal infirmity
I wish to deny this painful reality
I don't want this seemingly endless insanity
If I could only turn away from my humanity

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