Thursday, November 25, 2004

Stupid diskette is acting up. Looks like I'll have to make the post for some other time, but it's thankfully saved in my laptop at home... oh, well.

It's a bit distressing, but I can manage, I suppose...

.:Today's LSS:.

Please Don't Ask Me
by John Farnham

Please don't ask me what am I thinking
It's about you
Please don't ask me, I never can see you
What can I do
My first impulse is to run to your side
My heart's not free and so I must hide
Please don't ask me what I'm gonna say to you

I toss and turn, can't sleep at night
It's worrying me
I go to bed, turn out the light
But your face I see
It only hurts the more I pretend that we could ever be more than friends
Please don't ask me why I'm so in love with you

You could easily make me happy, that I know
But I'll try my best to never tell you so
I will sing to you my love songs and pretend
And I'll keep the secret right down to the end

Please don't ask me why I'm not talking
I just can't explain
And please don't ask me why I go walking out in the rain
I could not live, the lie it would take
To have you near would be a mistake
Please don't ask me why I'm still in love with you
No, please don't ask me


Ran into two Bosconians yesterday, and one of them still plays Magic. Oh, well. Interesting, but no big deal, really.

.:The Only Consolation:.

Given how hurly-burly and distressing the past few days have been, I guess I'm just grateful Grace has been there to hear me out and all. I guess I've been feeling so down and all... and now, I turn to the best person I could turn to...

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