Tuesday, November 09, 2004

.:The Last Run-In With Robi:.

Robi “cleaned out his desk” yesterday while I was boarding on his timeslot. Of course, as he doesn’t really have a desk, I meant that figuratively.

I was boarding on my own there, and chatting with Jonsi, whom I owe one for that very nice gesture.

.:On Last Night’s Leadership Meeting:.

I went to the leadership training meeting last night for Xango, which was most likely Mr. Basilicato’s last meeting before he goes back to the U.S.

Grace tagged along with me on the meeting, which means I’ve met her for three straight days already. She was tired, but she really liked how the meeting went, and she encouraged me to go for it. She really liked how Mikey B. carried himself throughout the meeting and figured that he’s really smooth.

I channeled some of that, though, when I tried convincing Will (A Red Bull player.) to go to a meeting in a roleplaying session. He’s supposed to be fond of charities…

Well, come to a meeting with me, okay? I’ll take you to a… charity bingo bazaar or something afterwards.

The audience was in stitches.

A few other funny snippets of dialogue during roleplay…

Hi, Jarret. Have you heard about our friend? He passed away yesterday! (What a cheerful way to open up a sales pitch!)

Hi, Kara! How are you? How’s your family? Are they all fine? How’s your mother? How’s your father? How’s your brother? Listen… I have a company that… (Not only did she do a roll call of who could use Xango if they were sick, she also owns the company! ;))

Oh, well. It was a fun time.

The meeting was very promising. I’m most likely going for this already. There’s no reason for me not to…

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