Thursday, November 04, 2004


Lots of Capcom vs SNK action for me yesterday, although I still need to do some other stuff. My work, for the most part, has been rather loaded. Oh, well. I think I found the arrogant player in the Galleria arcade, though...

.:Me And Networks: A No-BS Sales Pitch For YOU:.

I'm sick and tired of people who try to get you into network businesses that work only if you're there when it's about to start.

I'm sick and tired of people who promise you the moon and the stars and expect you to still recruit people when half of the people you know are already in the network.

But then, XanGo comes along and gives me a glimmer of hope. I'm actually enthusiastic about it. Maybe I'll get into it, maybe I won't. There will be obvious financial barriers to getting in, as the product (A special mangosteen health juice.) is imported. However, let me say in as few words as possible the main advantage XanGo would have over any other network currently out there...

It's just about to launch in the Philippines.

That in and by itself should give you a clue already how much potential getting into it could yield. I'm sold on the idea, no doubt. But I won't BS anyone and promise them the moon and the stars. Heck, there's even a high chance I'd just go there, sponsor someone into it, and never have anything to do with it simply because I'm not fond of approaching different people to "buy into the system". It's not my kind of thing, and my style would make me run out of friends sooner than you can say "pariah".

Lots of people give networking a bad rep because it promises so many things but can't deliver.

But thing is, these networks used to deliver. Forever Living has made an obscenely rich man out of Roilo Golez. It's legal. It's not some kind of scam, especially if you look up what XanGo is all about. I have, and even people who have never heard of XanGo tell me how great mangosteen is healthwise. But as I said, the main thing holding people back from a network nowadays is the fact that the network is so big already, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone to recruit into it.

XanGo, in case you missed it, is officially launching on November 15. That means quite simply that if you join, you wouldn't be lower than fifth level already, whereas getting into Forever Living would make you level 100-something. That's the main difference. That's the reason that has me hooked. Any internet search would tell you nothing but good things about XanGo, and I'm actually begging to be proved wrong. If you can, then no problem. Forget I said anything, and I won't give this whole thing a second thought. If you can't, then maybe, just maybe, this is worth looking into, whether or not I myself get into it (Costs of entry and all.).

So there you are. A no BS sales pitch from me that may or may not attract you, but my only saving grace is that not one lie has come from me. I didn't promise you anything except great potential, and that much is clear.

So the question: what if you're on the lower level by the time you're attracted? Well, let me just say that I'm giving this sales pitch while you're still far from that point. If you let this chance slip you by and regret it in the end, at least that doesn't weigh on my conscience, and if the business fails, as I have given a rather honest pros and cons look at it, that doesn't weigh on my conscience either.

If you're still interested, feel free to reply to this post and tell me you're interested. There's a meeting coming up tomorrow, 7 PM, at Prestige Towers roofdeck. That's near Strata 2000 on Emerald Avenue. If you have time to spare and like me, feel I have little to lose, then give it a shot. Who knows, right?

And did I mention I made 500 pesos at last Wednesday night's meeting by just role-playing how it is to ask someone to go to those meetings? Not bad for someone who's not even in the network yet... ;)

.:Luke Mijares:.

Came by the station today. Very interesting, as he was actually an AB Philosophy student... heh. I was pretty amused at how down to earth the guy really is. He's a nice guy, and gave the off-hand comment that I was better off being in WAVE than if I ended up in LS. Now that's an interesting comment coming from him...

I was being called Marcelle throughout the interview, though. Wonder if the people would catch that. Heh...

Snippet of the day:

Luke: You can catch me perform in Aruba bar and restaurant on November 10, and in ICA in Greenhills on November 12, and...

Kel: Whoah. ICA. I'd love to teach there.

George: You think he can join you and be a P.A. there, Luke?

Luke: Sure thing.

Wow! ICA!!! Woohoo!!! ;)

.:First Day:.

Apparently, the first day in Philo 104 class is fairly interesting. In a nutshell, my new partner is hella cute. She's very much Chinese-looking. I have lots of friends in this class, from Juss to Jeff, a fellow magic player. Very interesting first day, really. This ought to be good...

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