Thursday, December 08, 2005


.:Today's LSS:.

Anything For You
by Gloria Estefan

Anything for you
Though you're not here
Since you said we're through
It seems like years
Time keeps draggin' on and on
And forever's been and gone
Still I can't figure what went wrong

I'd still do anything for you
I'll play your game
You hurt me through and through
But you can have your way

I can pretend each time I see you
That I don't care and I don't need you
And though you'll never see me cryin'
You know inside I feel like dying
And I'd do anything for you
In spite of it all
I've learned so much from you
You made me strong
But don't you ever think that I don't love you
That for one minute I forgot you


Gyn and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, although we didn't get to finish it. Still, we definitely enjoyed the movie, although I think I was paying more attention to her than the film. I've seen the movie already, and Cho Chang, barring her Scottish accent, has nothing, absolutely nothing on Gyn. :)

Neither does Moaning Myrtle. :P

Before that, though, we had a lovely dinner at Italliani's. I had GC's, so I definitely made the most out of them. Heh. I still have a few more GC's, though... so I'll keep them for another special date with Pomelo. Outback sounds good to me...


Was hosting for TGI Friday's Christmas party last Tuesday. It was definitely interesting to say the least, but I'll talk more about it next time... give me next week to start resuming normal blogging operations again. I'm using this week to relax, relax, and relax. I just had a very good massage that involved the masseusse actually using the Mexican surfboard on me. Just a bit more pressure, and I would've been tapping out. Lol.

In any case, the hosting gig went really well. And watching the TGI Friday's branches perform their various presentations definitely proved impressive to me, all things considered. I'll write more about it when more comes to mind, but it was definitely a great night. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details back then, though...

Someone did try to do a backflip and landed on his face... he was taken to the hospital. Poor guy's eye was bleeding. He was trying to show off in front of Mocha and her cute backup dancers...


WWE Smackdown vs. RAW has been delayed for until December 15 for the PSP. I guess it can't be helped, though, as one of the cutscenes in the game was the Undertaker hitting a Chokeslam on Eddie Guererro (R.I.P.) into a coffin in a Buried Alive match. I think that removing that cutscene is for the better, though morbid curiosity dictates to me that I want to see it...

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