Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Random Thoughts All Over The Place...


Watch the video and weep at the inanity.

This is just crazy.

.:Whoah!!! I Wanna Watch!!!:.

"RAW presents the Road to WrestleMania

Date: February 24, 2006
Venue: Araneta Coliseum
City/State: Manila, Philippines

On-Sale Date: Thursday, December 15, 2005, at 9 a.m.

Ticket Information: Ticket prices: PHP 3,300; 2,000; 800; 400

Reserve now at 9115555 and or go to your nearest SM ticketnet outlet for tickets. Hurry as tickets are being sold fast."

You now know what to get me for Christmas. Those tickets are gold, I say! Gold!

.:King Kong:.

I am in no position to write a review right now, but the movie dragged. A lot. Nice special effects, though the CGI wasn't as good as LOTR, and I mean simple stuff like how Kong should be handling Anne, among other things.

I guess I'd give it a B or a B+. I hate to have to see insects of the size that they were in the film, though. Jack Black was a riot to watch, though.

.:In Lieu Of An LSS Today, Here's A Cool Quote...:.

"We're all going to hell. People like me just make sure the rest of you enjoy the ride."

.:The Weekly Crush:.

I'm going to be extremely wrecked by this schedule if things don't change for me... I realize that a weekly schedule of editing and then mastering would definitely prove to be quite difficult for me to execute, all things considered. Oh, well.

We started around eleven in the morning, and then finished at half past midnight. You have to realize that doing that every week can be very tiring, and takes your sleeping schedule out of whack. Ah, well. I guess I'll figure something out after all has been said and done, more so when the mastering for the episode would start at seven in the morning. Also consider that prior to Friday, Thursday will have to be editing day. More non-stop craziness.

.:Juniors Division?!?:.

The Smackdown Juniors Division has to be one of the worst ideas the WWE has ever thought up. Really horrible, to say the least.

.:Rice, Rice, Baby:.

It's amazing how the Filipinos have taken to heart the notion that rice is the staple food in any meal. We eat steaks with rice. We eat lamb chops with rice. We eat just about any viand with rice, and in fact, some viands are even made to include rice, particularly food such as Bicol Express. Foreigners at times would practically wonder about this curious practice endemic among most Asians.

What makes it even further amusing is that even when it comes to dessert, Filipino cuisine still has rice. Look at all the desserts we have that involve rice. Chief amongst those would definitely have to be suman.

Suman is cheap, and provides you with the burst of energy that you need from carbohydrates, and of course, sugar, assuming you use a topping.

I couldn't find a chart denoting the nutritional values of suman. Oh, well.

.:Sheer Exhaustion Again:.

I was up for practically 34 hours before I finally succumbed to sleep. After all has been said and done, I just ended up feeling so sleepy that my alarm didn't wake me up anymore. I missed going to work to WAVE again.

Let's face it, I really am not motivated to go to work to WAVE anymore. Call me unprofessional, but it doesn't help when your bosses are more of the same. They'd be ignorant of your progress as an announcer, oblivious to the contributions you are making to the overall improvement of the station, and completely inutile when you are asking for permission to do something that could only make things better for everyone.

Yes, I feel I deserve a raise. But no, that's not the only reason I'm not happy with my work in WAVE, to begin with. I've already gone at length with this the last time, but I don't think anyone can fault me for complaining that my work definitely goes unappreciated in the station. Being given a raise isn't the only way to show appreciation. You can be so much as told so, your suggestions for your own program can just simply not be red-taped to oblivion, and those are just a few ideas that come to mind.

It doesn't make sense at all how they think that people can just go and work without question despite the fact that their work isn't being given due recognition.

Let's make this one even more blatant... look at how bad Anne has it, despite winning a KBP Golden Dove Award. Where are the plugs? Where are the commercials airing out the fact that she did? I don't know with you, but that's retarded. They should milk that kind of success for what it's worth and use it to enhance both Anne and the station all at the same time. Instead, it's up to the jocks to drive home the point, while a more savvy company like, oh, I don't know, RX, would use a plug every hour on the hour to bring up how they won this year's KBP Golden Dove Award for best FM station.

You see the disparity? You see why for even less pay, guys like Jose don't mind doing the graveyard shift for RX? It's because there's a sense that you're part of a team. Of a family. WAVE has turned into an undertide of factions that are never outright spelled out, but will always be observed when push comes to shove. I wish I could say that I could do something about that, but I definitely can't.

I’ve been nothing but disappointed, particularly with how mistreated me and my partner have been in the graveyard shift. No night differential despite the higher susceptibility to health issues, clearly underlined by the bout I had with the flu last Saturday.

Ah, well. They killed my second wind already. They can't expect a third wind from me without proper motivation.


Script writing was finished at 1:30 PM, but the meeting started at 5:30. We ended up finishing our meeting so late already that I just couldn't help but feel very exhausted after all has been said and done. Moo... I really wanted to sleep a lot, but didn't expect that I'd sleep through my own program for it... ah, well. Let's just see how things would work out, soon enough. If I take another pay cut come next payday with WAVE, then I don't particularly care anymore. I'm frustrated, demoralized, and about pissed off already, anyways.

Considering how much initiative I've put into improving my craft, I don't think it's still my fault anymore.

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